How to fix Messenger photos not loading? 4 easy ways

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Messenger is undoubtedly one of the most popular multimedia messaging services. It has many features such as ignoring chats, changing chat themes, setting chat emojis, and many more. Besides exchanging messages, people use Messenger to share videos and photos. In this article, we are looking at ways to fix Messenger photos not loading.

Possible reasons for Messenger photos not loading?

How to fix Messenger photos not loading

There can be various reasons why Messenger photos might not load. You will see how to troubleshoot this issue.

Below are a few possible reasons you may get an error message when sending photos on Messenger using an iOS device and Android phone.

  • An older version of an Android phone or iOS device.
  • Data Saver is turned on in Messenger.
  • The “Download images and videos while movie data” must be turned on.
  • You must be on a slow internet connection.
  • Your internet connection, mobile data must be unstable. Check your internet speed.
  • The space on your Android or iOS device must be running out. Install an SD Card if your device supports external memory. Also, you can try using a media storage system app.
  • There must be trouble with loading the cache files on your device.
  • The RAM, ROM are low.
  • Permission problems with Facebook App settings.
  • OS features must-have compatibility issues.

If the space on your phone is low, you can opt for using the Messenger lite version of the app.

Also, to free up space, one possible solution is to check the list of apps and uninstall apps that you no longer use.

Now you know about the common reasons for the Messenger photos, not loading issues. Continue reading if you want to learn how to fix these issues.

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How to fix Messenger photos not loading on iPhone and Android?

Here are a few ways to solve Messenger photos not loading issue on Messenger :

  1. Restart Messenger app
  2. Reinstall the Messenger app
  3. Update Messenger app
  4. Reset Wi-Fi connection
  5. Clear browsing data and cache

Now, let’s go through each of the points mentioned above.

1. Restart Messenger app

The first way to solve the error loading media issue and the Facebook Messenger issue is to restart the Messenger app.

The above method applies to all phones from Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone X, LG, Nexus, and iPhones.

Also, you can try restarting your device if restarting the Messenger app does not work.

2. Reinstall Messenger app

The second way to fix the Messenger photos not loading issue is by reinstalling the Messenger app.

Sometimes, when a Facebook user uses a corrupt installation file, the Messenger photos not loading issue might arise.

In such situations, reinstalling the Messenger app from iOS or Messenger can be the best solution.

To reinstall the app, you will first need to delete the current app.

Then go to the Play store and type Messenger and download the app

3. Update Messenger app

The third solution to Messenger photos not loading is updating the Messenger app. Messenger rolls out regular updates and bug patches. This is why you must use the latest version of the Messenger app.

Visit Google Play Store or iTunes to get the latest version of the Messenger app. Avoid using an older version of Facebook Messenger.

4. Reset Wi-Fi connection

Another way to solve the Messenger photos not loading error is to reset the Wi-Fi connection. Messenger might fail to load the shared media files if the internet connection is unstable.

Also, always make sure that you are within the range of the Wi-Fi router. If you are not within the range, the internet connection to your phone might be unstable, causing the Messenger photos not loading error.

If your notice that all other device connects to the local Wi-Fi network, but only your mobile device is failing to connect to it, you might want to try resetting the Wi-Fi router.

Here is how to reset the Wi-Fi router connection on an Android device-

  • Launch the Settings option in the first step, and navigate to “Network Settings Reset.”
  • Scroll down until you see the Settings – Locate – Backup & Reset option.

If you are using an iOS device, follow the below steps to reset the Wi-Fi network.

  • Launch the Settings option.
  • Navigate to “Reset Network Settings”
  • From there, navigate to Settings – Generals – Reset

The following steps listed above will help you reset your Network connection.

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Messenger photos not loading on mobile. How to fix it?

You already know some of the most effective ways to solve the Messenger photos not loading error.

If neither of the ways illustrated above works, you could go ahead and clear browsing data and cache. Both Android and iOS devices have started storing user data since you first start using it.

Clearing Cache frees up space on your mobile device. When you clear cache, you remove all the unnecessary files from your mobile device.

If cache takes up too much space on your phone, apps such as Facebook Messenger might not work smoothly.

To clear cache on your phone, navigate to Settings > Application. Tap on Messenger, and from there, select the “Clear Cache” option.

Remember, after you clear cache, you might need to log back into the app.

Also, the different files you have shared on Messenger might need to be downloaded again.

However, as soon as you log back into the app, you can see all the text messages, voice messages, multimedia messages you have exchanged on the platform.

If neither of the ways works, you can opt for resetting your Android or iOS phone.

Factory Reset helps troubleshoot any technical error. However, always backup your important data before executing the “Factory Reset” feature.

If you face the Messenger photos not loading error on your laptop, you might want to re-login to your Facebook account.

Like solving the problem on your mobile device, you should also consider clearing the browser cache and network cache files on your Web Browser, i.e., Chrome, Firefox.

Also, if you have access, check the server status and the DNS server status for your Wi-Fi or mobile data.

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This article has looked into practical ways to solve the Messenger photos not loading error. Starting from clearing the cache files, executing Factory Resetting, to restarting your device by pressing the power button, we hope you have found a solution that works.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the next Facebook Messenger app update and keep your devices updated.

Leave a comment below if you could not understand any part illustrated above for solving the Facebook Messenger error.

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