50+ Shark Trivia: From Easy to Hard, Plus Quizzes and Facts

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Sharks have always fascinated humans, whether we’re terrified by shark attacks or mesmerized by their sheer power and grace. They’ve even made their way into pop culture through shark week on the Discovery Channel, movies like “Finding Nemo,” and the catchy “Baby Shark” song. Dive in as we explore shark trivia questions, facts, and quizzes to satisfy your shark knowledge cravings.

50+ Shark Trivia

Shark Trivia for Kids

1. What is the largest shark?

  • Answer: The whale shark is the largest shark.

2. What is the smallest species of shark?

  • Answer: The dwarf lantern shark is the smallest shark species.

3. What do baby sharks eat?

  • Answer: Baby sharks eat small fish.

4. How many gill slits do most sharks have?

  • Answer: Most sharks have 5 gill slits.

5. What kind of shark is Bruce in “Finding Nemo”?

  • Answer: Bruce is a great white shark.

6. What’s the world’s fastest shark?

  • Answer: The shortfin mako shark is the world’s fastest shark.

7. What do you call a group of sharks?

  • Answer: A group of sharks is called a shiver.

8. Do sharks live in fresh water?

  • Answer: Most sharks live in saltwater, but some like the bull shark can live in fresh water.

9. What country has the most shark attacks?

  • Answer: The United States has the most shark attacks.

10. What do sharks have instead of bones?

  • Answer: Sharks have a skeleton made of cartilage instead of bones.

Easy Shark Trivia

11. What do sharks use to detect electromagnetic fields?

  • Answer: Sharks use their ampullae of Lorenzini to detect electromagnetic fields.

12. What is the scientific name for the whale shark?

  • Answer: The scientific name for the whale shark is Rhincodon typus.

13. Which shark is known for its pointed snout and sharp teeth?

  • Answer: The great white shark is known for its pointed snout and sharp teeth.

14. Which shark is commonly seen during shark week?

  • Answer: The great white shark is commonly featured during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

15. Do sharks have scales?

  • Answer: Yes, sharks have scales called dermal denticles that are similar to teeth.

16. Which shark is known for its hammer-shaped head?

  • Answer: The hammerhead shark is known for its unique head shape.

17. What do you call a baby shark?

  • Answer: A baby shark is called a pup.

18. Do sharks have good color vision?

  • Answer: Sharks do not have good color vision; they see in black and white.

19. What type of shark often swims in shallow water near coral reefs?

  • Answer: Lemon sharks are commonly found in shallow waters near coral reefs.

20. How many rows of teeth do most sharks have?

  • Answer: Most sharks have multiple rows of teeth, often around 5 to 15 rows.

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Hard Shark Trivia

21. What is the smallest shark’s scientific name?

  • Answer: The smallest shark, the dwarf lanternshark, has the scientific name Etmopterus perryi.

22. Which shark has the strongest bite?

  • Answer: The bull shark is said to have the strongest bite.

23. What do you call the eggs of some sharks?

  • Answer: The eggs of some sharks are called mermaid’s purses.

24. Which shark is also known as the “Grey Nurse Shark” in Australia?

  • Answer: The sand tiger shark is known as the Grey Nurse Shark in Australia.

25. Which shark is often found in deep waters and has a large liver filled with oil?

  • Answer: The Greenland shark is often found in deep waters and has a large liver filled with oil.

26. What’s another name for basking sharks?

  • Answer: Basking sharks are sometimes also called “sea dogs.”

27. What type of gas do bony fish use in their gas-filled swim bladders to float?

  • Answer: Bony fish use oxygen in their gas-filled swim bladders to float.

28. What is shark flesh often sold as in chip shops in some countries?

  • Answer: Shark flesh is often sold as “flake” in chip shops.

29. What is a rare species of shark that has a huge mouth?

  • Answer: The megamouth shark is a rare species known for its large mouth.

30. What is the term for the rough texture of a shark’s skin?

  • Answer: The term for the rough texture of a shark’s skin is called “placoid scales” or dermal denticles.

Shark Facts

  • Shark skin is covered in dermal denticles, which reduce drag and make swimming efficient.
  • The shortfin mako shark can reach top speeds of up to 45 mph.
  • Thresher sharks use their long tails to stun their prey.
  • Female sharks often have thicker skin than males because males bite them during mating.
  • Shark teeth are not attached to gums on a root like human teeth; they are attached to a sort of conveyor belt that moves new teeth up.

Guess the Shark Quiz

  1. Which shark has a distinctive dorsal fin that resembles a sail?
    • Answer: The sailfin shark.
  2. I am the only shark that can swim backwards. Who am I?
    • Answer: The Port Jackson shark can swim backward.
  3. I’m known for my unique way of feeding by swimming with my mouth open. Who am I?
    • Answer: The basking shark.
  4. I often leap out of the water when hunting sea lions. Who am I?
    • Answer: The great white shark.
  5. I’m the biggest shark, but I only eat tiny plankton. Who am I?
    • Answer: The whale shark.

True or False Shark Questions

  1. All sharks have to swim to breathe.
    • Answer: False. Some benthic sharks can pump water over their gills while resting on the sea floor.
  2. Shark’s skin feels like sandpaper.
    • Answer: True. The dermal denticles give shark skin a rough texture.
  3. Sharks can smell blood from miles away.
    • Answer: True. Some species can detect blood at one part per million.
  4. The Great Hammerhead is a type of hammerhead shark.
    • Answer: True. It’s one of the largest species of hammerhead sharks.
  5. All sharks lay eggs.
    • Answer: False. Some sharks give live birth, and some lay eggs.

There you have it, folks! From shark trivia questions for kids to the most challenging trivia for shark enthusiasts, this article has something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of shark week or just want to deepen your shark

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