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With the current situation in the UK, kids are spending more time at home. Now is a good time to exploit digital homeschooling opportunities.

Before we dive into homeschooling resources, let’s go through some things to consider before buying an online homeshooling course:

Simple Google Search for “online homeschooling course” will give you thousands amount of choices, requiring you to go through all that to find a course that is suitable for your child.

Here are some things to consider before buying online homeschooling course:

  • What subjects are covered by the course?
  • Grade level covered by the course
  • Is it an all-in-one course or do you have to pay for each course?
  • Are there any live classes?
  • How long do you have access to the course?
  • Are assessments included?
  • How is progress measured?

Now it is hard to go through all of that when time is limited and children are already at home. So don’t worry, Beth at TechieMom have compiled a great list for you.

Before going through that list, below are some things you need to do to make homeschooling work for you and your kid.

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What do I need to homeschool my child?

Wanting to learn: Yes, I  understand that for many parents and children anxiety is running high right now due to corona virus.

Address the anxiety of your child then develop a routine for your child.

Assure your child that learning at home can be fun. To do this start with things your child love to do, or what they are naturally gifted at. Then find people and groups to meet online. For instance, through Facebook groups, Whatsapp chat groups, school groups, etc.

Slowly, introduce the subjects your child is weak at and start teaching them those subjects.


Increasing your level of patience:

Social distancing is not easy. Staying at home with loved ones can take a toll. However, for home-schooling to work you need to increase your level of patience.

This comes with practice and grows over time. You don’t need patience in teaching them but you need patience in spending time with them all day.

If you think your child’s behaviour is an issue then email their teacher and enquire if this has been a problem in school. It could be that your child is going through some anxiety right now.

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You need time for yourself:

You are human after all, and right now things may not be going as what you expected it to be. But do recognize that everyone need some time to themselves.

Develop a routine at home where you and your spouse can take turns to take care of the kids.

We have compiled a list of mindless TV shows during the Coronavirus to help you relax.

Nurture yourself during this time. For instance, take a hot bath, or pick up a new hobby so you can relax for a bit.

Find support:

Right now during the coronavirus when we talk support we don’t mean having family or friends over. Rather having digital or neighbourly support.

Connect with your loved ones through skype. Arrange for a Facebook watch party with other family members.

Get in touch with others so you don’t feel you are alone during this difficult time.

Your house is going to be messier now more than ever. If you see play-doh around, or cups os water from your kid’s science projects, do not get angry.

Your child’s game controller could be all over the living room and noise can be at a very high level. But that is what makes homeschooling fun.

Take this moment to spend quality time with your family and let your child make a little mess. But don’t forget to get them to clean it up before the day ends.

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Are you getting ready for the next few weeks where your kids are going to be home most of the time?

This is what you can do to help you keep on the right track while teaching kids at home. Don’t worry, relax! You’ve got this! Now let’s get started on how you can do this like a pro!

#Step 1 Setting realistic goals and expectations:

The teachers in schools must have provided with your child with online learning tools and also some homework prepared for them.

But learning at home is going to be a new routine for your child. If they can’t get the hang of things in their first week, then cut them some slack. Do remember that, this is as new for your child as it is for you.

Hence, the key to this is to create realistic goals and expectations. Prepare for some tech glitches at the start of your homeschooling journey.

With that being said, I tend to look at the school work given by teachers and set myself straight.

It is important to think about your child’s strong areas and weaknesses. If you feel your child is behind on maths then it’s ok. Take this time to spend more time teaching them maths.

Be there every step of the way so they can make transitioning from school to homeschooling as easy as possible.

Create a daily to-do list for them. And most importantly they need a routine. You can use the guide below to help you set daily chores for your kids.

#step 2 Plan it all out

Now is the time that you need to plan for weeks or even months ahead.

Start with the basics, good old pen, and paper.

  • Divide all the subject areas into piles – sort out your child subjects
  • Get to know your child’s curriculum. Take the time to read through introductions and instructions given by teachers
  • Next, skim through the lesson and be realistic as to how quickly your child can complete this being at home.
  • Take notes along the way. Brainstorm some ideas, and talk to your child on how to make learning easier for them.
  • Your child will be spending a lot of time online. Get them to do this in a living room or in a space where you can keep glancing through the screen. The last thing you want is them being online doing everything else besides their school work.

#step 3 Create pacing guides and schedule & be flexible

This can be the hardest step when prepping for homeschool.

You may need to go through different sets of schedules until finding the right one that fits your kid’s needs.

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6 Fun ideas to include in your homeschooling routine:

1.Organize cooking class a few times a week: Have your kids help you prepare dinner. You can get them to clean the vegetables or even bake a cake

2. Create your own art gallery:  Designate a wall in your home that you will allow your kids to put up their artwork. Hang all of the pictures on a wall. This will remind them that staying at home can be fun too and making this process easier for them.

3. Move your lessons outside. If you have a balcony or a back garden then use this space to teach your kids. This will give them the chance to get some fresh air. You can even take them out for a short walk during the day.

4. Use video games to make learning more fun. The list of online educational games is endless. Through gaming, your kids can learn how to code, design and many more. Games like Minecraft, and Roblox can be fun. Don’t forget to monitor screen time and put in the privacy settings on those games.


Homeschooling with Netflix

Yup, I absolutely love Netflix for homeschooling. I find it particularly useful for my toddler aged 2. I have a playlist for my toddler so I ensure that she is not watching any other shows besides the one I have chosen for her.

There are plenty of educational shows on netflix.

We have created a list of them by age. Feel free to click here



Transitioning from school to homeschool can be a difficult process. Give it time and be patient. It is a new process for your children as well.

But with patience and willingness to adapt, you can make homeschooling work.


Don’t forget to check out the growth-mindset kit made to help kids face challenges with confidence

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