150+ Cool & funny Twitch names for boys and girls

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Twitch, a social platform, is one of the best live-stream sites, with about 2.12 concurrent viewers. Success on Twitch is dependent on having the absolute best twitch name. So how exactly are you supposed to come up with cool Twitch names?

Well, this article has you covered whether you’re seeking a new username or a name change. We show you how to craft the best names for Twitch and provide a list of different variations of exciting usernames. Going from an old name to a new name is easy, provided you follow these steps.  

twitch names

Funny Twitch names

Some Twitch users login to their Twitch accounts to have fun and have a good time. Having a funny Twitch name is one of the easiest ways to signal potential viewers that your Twitch profile is an excellent hangout spot where they can relax and unwind.

  1. AlwaysDies
  2. WorstGamerEver
  3. CountMeOut
  4. PC_Over_Console
  5. Trying_Not2_Rage
  6. Fat_Fingers
  7. DeathScreen_Champ
  8. Iggy_Wiggy
  9. Winning_Overrated
  10. DefinitelyNotBalanced
  11. I_Luv_VideoGames
  12. MutedOnPurpose
  13. DasNotGud
  14. Never_Clutch
  15. Chair_Man
  16. No_Refunds
  17. Cheat_Code
  18. Extra_Lives
  19. 360_King
  20. Slow_Gaming
  21. FrontSeatGamer
  22. 300Tries
  23. WhereIzMyMind
  24. GoodLuckGMR
  25. 360YesScope
  26. Sensei_tional
  27. Stay_Away
  28. 2BitGamer
  29. Esports_God
  30. Flawed_Math
  31. MissMyBed
  32. ItWasOnPurpose
  33. NoobInDisguise
  34. N0_Solution
  35. I_Re_Sign
  36. Bad_Internet
  37. Death_Count
  38. Wet_Blankett
  39. B0red_GMR
  40. Gaming_Hobo
  41. NeedNewPC
  42. Teary_Eyes
  43. PraiseTheTutorial
  44. 2_Wasted
  45. Mini_Boss
  46. Lord_No_Wins
  47. This_Is_Tuff
  48. Fall0ut_Boy
  49. NeedAnOut
  50. CasualAmongCasuals

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Twitch name ideas for girls

Although most Twitch daily active users are male, the balance is slowly but surely shifting in the direction of the girls. With these simple names, female streamers will likely attract friendly audiences and keep their numbers up.

  1. I_Just_Chat
  2. Lady_Legasus
  3. Raenesme_
  4. Uni_Corn
  5. NotAGamerGirl
  6. Le_Huntress
  7. TheGamingFemme
  8. Lady_Luck
  9. EvvaNa
  10. GeezeLouise
  11. Lulu_Lemonn
  12. Queen_GMR
  13. GMR_GRL
  14. Snow_Bunny
  15. Virtual_Princess
  16. Swan_Song
  17. Cat_a_Clysm
  18. Moody_Judy
  19. GothGamerGirl
  20. FPS_Baby
  21. Twitch_Witch
  22. Gay_Mer_Girl
  23. 3D_Model
  24. Hal0Angel
  25. NotFeelingU
  26. BadBadBunny
  27. Encanta
  28. CuteN00b
  29. M00nlighter
  30. Fairy_Goddess
  31. StateOfLove
  32. ThePaintingLady
  33. IceIceLady
  34. Venaera
  35. SWT_Delicacy
  36. SWT_Angel
  37. 0venC0ven
  38. L8_Cake
  39. ElfinGamer
  40. WakeNBake
  41. Queen_Isolde
  42. Lady_Online
  43. TheGamingCutie
  44. EtherealGMR
  45. StreamQueen
  46. GirlTroubleInc
  47. She_Nice
  48. Bvnny_Era
  49. AnnieBunny2
  50. FranSquared
twitch names

Twitch names for boys

Every year, the number of boys in the Twitch community increases. And with that comes a decrease in the availability of cool names. Below is a list of perfect Twitch names for boys. 

  1. WarcraftWizard
  2. ThirdMarioBrother
  3. Uber_mensch
  4. Gamer_Supreme
  5. Shadow_Warrior
  6. Orc_King
  7. King_is_Come
  8. Fight_N_Ignite
  9. Spear_Shot
  10. Mickey_7
  11. Hank_The_Hunk
  12. TheRadChad
  13. Game_N_Tensity
  14. GulagBoss
  15. 2K_Don
  16. NoStrategy
  17. KingKindness
  18. SweetGMRBoy
  19. GaminNRaidin
  20. VirtualSheriff
  21. Gh0st_Killer
  22. Drip_Or_Drown
  23. RunItBack
  24. TheGMRBoi
  25. SelfMadeMan
  26. Adapt_King
  27. 2_Critical
  28. Ready2Win
  29. IWillCrush
  30. TimeIzNow
  31. GamingPapa
  32. KingOnTheWay
  33. ParzivalTheKnight
  34. Even_Steven
  35. Mid_Knight
  36. 1stStrikeKing
  37. Tenebrae
  38. YormTheGamer
  39. PrincePeach
  40. StarPWR
  41. SwordInStone
  42. MerlinKnight
  43. SilentKnight
  44. L0stDragon
  45. DragonL0rd
  46. Cyberpunked
  47. Tear_It_Up
  48. RipNTear
  49. Death_Dealer
  50. M0nitorHead

Unique Twitch usernames

Twitch requires that each user have a unique username, as with all social media platforms. But coming up with a good name is getting tougher. Some people use their real names. Others prefer their gamer tags. But for those for whom those two options are not a possibility, these cool Twitch user names are just right. 

  1. LifeGoes0n
  2. Game_Economist
  3. Low_Stakes
  4. EasyComeEasyGo
  5. Critical_Hit
  6. Press_Reset
  7. Fast_N_Loose
  8. WithoutWarning
  9. ArenaLeader
  10. Bomb_Rush
  11. BeyondUrReach
  12. GamerLand
  13. IntoTheRed
  14. NotInfluential
  15. DoAsIDo
  16. Last1Standing
  17. CantGo2Bed
  18. HighR0llr
  19. Drive2Arrive
  20. LostNFound
  21. Any1CanGetIt
  22. Mad0verU
  23. CNT_Choose
  24. Get_Clear
  25. LeagueOfGamers
  26. DOTA_Boss
  27. LOL_King
  28. BewareTheKing
  29. PunnyFunny
  30. B00ts
  31. FearNFrost
  32. CLWN_King
  33. T00T_N_B00T
  34. Bad_Robot
  35. C0nsiderate
  36. Sky_High
  37. G0d_Potential
  38. Elite500
  39. Radi0Head
  40. NoVodReview
  41. L0stDalmatian
  42. Sp0tLighter
  43. AintNoPlace
  44. N0Way4You
  45. Real_Steel
  46. Do_Or_Die
  47. Gamin_Chef
  48. NewBobRoss
  49. PortraitOfAGamer
  50. HowDoesThisWork
twitch names

Good Twitch names

Sometimes, for the name of your channel, you want something more straightforward name than it is a unique name. In this case, rather than a random assembly of numbers and letters, you could reference your brand name, online persona, or the specific category you like to stream in. 

This list of good Twitch names achieves simply that.  

  1. TrackingThePros
  2. N00bSlayer
  3. Sweet_Music
  4. Spell_Crafter
  5. Run_Town
  6. PixelShad0w
  7. GMR_Showdown
  8. SafeM0de
  9. M1racle
  10. HappyGoLucky
  11. WeRWhoWeR
  12. Back2Back
  13. Noob_Police
  14. Last_Call
  15. HouseOfGames
  16. Refuse2Lose
  17. GamingWarlock
  18. ImGh0st
  19. The_Amazonian
  20. All_Smiles
  21. Perfect_Timing
  22. High_Standards
  23. Way2Delicate
  24. ThePhantomGamer
  25. SpydaRyda
  26. ShakerZer0
  27. Time2Night
  28. Snooze_N_Lose
  29. Ace0fSpades
  30. Magic_Meal
  31. N0t_Able
  32. Dig_Nitty
  33. Absolute_F0cus
  34. The_Yeti_Gamer
  35. Infinite_Chance
  36. Bl0wBack
  37. The_Upgrade
  38. Robot_DNA
  39. Cyber_Imagery
  40. Da_Specialist
  41. HoundNPound
  42. N0thingWorks
  43. FireTypeTrainer
  44. PokeGod
  45. N_duction
  46. N_tuition
  47. NotAnymore
  48. MNK4eva
  49. Eye_Patch
  50. PageNTFound

OG Twitch names not taken 

As a Twitch streamer, whatever other considerations you make when choosing a Twitch channel name, you still need to pick an available unique name. Below, there’s a list of still available names that you can use as a new Twitch name. This type of name will help you build your brand quickly from scratch. 

  1. LostGamer100
  2. EZ_Money
  3. Not_Weak
  4. So_Kawaii
  5. _DragonMistress
  6. HurryItUp
  7. LaLa_IsLand
  8. DreamDox
  9. FoxyAffair
  10. Hextra
  11. GoldenxOne
  12. DigiDancer
  13. PixelPopper
  14. Gamer_Saint
  15. How2Luv
  16. GoldenControlla
  17. Sektor51
  18. AlienWear
  19. CrookedAthena
  20. LuigiWasTaken
  21. Player2Prophet
  22. Game_Insight
  23. Never_Give_Up
  24. LastOfCache
  25. CyberDrifter

Twitch Username Policy

Whatever creative username you create for your Twitch channel must adhere to the streamer’s guidelines and privacy policy. These guidelines have been put into effect to protect the user base and make the live-streaming platform a more inclusive space. 

Failure to comply will resort in the suspension of your account. Summarized, these guidelines are as follows. Your Twitch username:

  • Must not reference violence or include threats
  • Must not involve the unauthorized sharing of private information
  • Must not serve as hateful conduct
  • Must not promote harassment of another individual
  • Must not serve as impersonation
  • Must not reference sexual acts, fluids, or body parts
  • Must not promote self-destructive behavior
  • Must not break the law, and, 
  • Must not glorify natural or violent tragedies. 

This is a handful gudie. They prevent certain users from using gimmicks to add extra numbers to their viewer counts on their Twitch streams. 

Twitch Username Guidelines

These general policies aside, there are other rules you must follow to make up a good twitch username. They are:

  • The minimum length of your username must be four characters 
  • Your username must not be more than 25 characters in length
  • Your username can be an alphanumeric combination
  • You can use both uppercase and lowercase numbers
  • The only special character you can use is the underscore (_).

How to choose a good Twitch name?

So, with all these rules in mind, how exactly will you choose a good username? Well, for an excellent Twitch display name, a good option would be the application of a username generator. Especially if you’re running out of good name ideas. 

About Username Generators

These cool generators are great software that automatically produce generated names that could serve as new Twitch usernames. They come in handy when the pool of available usernames is particularly low. 

Here’s a list of Twitch name generators you can check out:

  • Welder’s Twitch name generator
  • SpinXO unique Twitch name generator
  • Generator Mix Twitch name generator
  • Rum and Monkey name generator
  • Donjon fantasy name generator
  • Reedsy dragon name generator
  • Scarymommy fantasy names 

As you can see, sometimes your best option for getting the best Twitch channel name is to look outside the box. Remember, having a perfect name is one of the most important aspects of the Twitch app. With the right Twitch name, viewers will have a great first impression of your channel. 

Other Strategies

While these generated names are fine in and of themselves, even the best Twitch name generator sometimes has too much of a generic output. These names are often just a collection of different words that may not fit you best. 

Rather than employing a cool screen name generator, you can try picking a unique identifier that has more to do with the different categories you stream in. For example, current trends in streaming, your social network name, your website domain name, YouTube channel name, the type of video games you like to play, etc. 

This strategy will give you cool original twitch names that will resonate with your twitch chat and be related to the particular category you specialize in. 

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