49 ultimate funny riddles for teens

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A riddle is a puzzling question that requires one to think out of the box. Teens are often fascinated by the intricacy of the riddles which compels them to apply their minds in a quest to solve the mystifying puzzles.

Riddles for teens are a great way to apply their minds and think logically. But nowadays, teens often remain distracted by social media and hardly pay any attention to the development of critical thinking skills and an attitude of problem-solving. So here are some riddles for teens along with answers to get their minds running.

Short Riddles For Teens

Riddles can be a lot of fun and can bring life into a lifeless family gathering.

However, being tricky, they can be hard to remember sometimes. And that is the best thing about short riddles. They are easy to recall and fun to answer. Let us have a look at some of the short riddles.

  1. There are three people in a car and at the same time, there are two fathers and two sons in the same car. How is it possible?

There is a grandfather, a father, and a son in the car.

  1. There is a place where Christmas comes before Thanksgiving, where is it?

In the dictionary.

  1. There is an electric train which is headed towards the east. So, where does the smoke go?

An electric train produces no smoke.

  1. Even though it is lighter than a feather, you can’t even hold it for five minutes.

Your breath

  1. The more it dries, the wetter it gets. What is it?

A towel.

  1. What can’t be kept until it is given?

A promise.

  1. Which question can never be answered as “yes”?

Are you asleep yet?

  1. What weighs more, two pounds of feather or two pounds of wood?

Neither of them, as both weigh two pounds.

  1. This is kept on the table and cut, but we never eat it. What is it?

A pack of cards.

  1. What starts with P and ends with E, but has a million letters in between?

A Post Office.

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Hard Riddles For Teens

For those teens who want to flex their brain muscles and are willing to go the extra mile to test their stream of thought, here are some hard riddles that will certainly leave you bamboozled, and analyze your critical thinking.

  1. If you have me, you desperately want to share me with someone else. But, once you share me, you wouldn’t have me any longer. What am I?

A Secret.

2. This vehicle is spelled the same from the front as well as from the back. What is it?

A Racecar.

3. What can you hold in your left hand, but not in your right hand?

Your Right Hand.

4. A farmer has a bag of corn, a hen, and a fox. He has to cross a river, but his boat is big enough to carry only one thing along with him. If the hen is left with the corn, she will eat it. Likewise, if the hen is left alone with the fox, the fox will eat the hen. How can the farmer get all the three things across the river?

The farmer first carries the hen along with him and leaves it on the other bank. He then goes back and carries the fox along with him and drops him across the river. At the same time, he picks up the hen and brings it back along with him. He then drops it to the first-mentioned bank and takes the corn with him. He leaves the corn across the river with the fox. He then returns for the last time and carries the hen along with him.

5. The one who makes me has no use of me. The one who buys me cannot use me and the one who uses me can neither see me nor feel me. What am I?

A coffin.

5. This goes around the world but stays in the corner. What is it?

A Stamp.

6. I have seas but no water, coasts but no sand, towns but not people, and mountains but no land. What am I?

A map.

7. Even though it has horns, it cannot be called an ox. It has a packed-saddle, even though it is not a donkey. And it leaves its silver behind wherever it goes. What is it?

A Snail.

8. In a Car, there are four people, a 26-year-old pregnant lady, a 28 years old policeman, a 56 years old British lady, and the driver is 67 years old. Who is the youngest in the car?

The baby of the pregnant lady.

9. Many have heard me, but I cannot be seen. I won’t speak until you speak to me first. Who am I?

An echo.

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Funny Riddles

These funny riddles would definitely tickle your funny bone and leave a chuckle or a smile on your face. Use them to make someone smile or crack them up when they are having a hard time. Because that is what riddles are made for – to have a good time.

  1. What is an exclamation used by teens when they have trouble with even numbers in their math class?

I can’t even.

  1. I am a teacher facing an awkward problem. Every time my students attend my classes, my eyes bounce and flickers all over the place. Why does this happen?

Because the teacher is not able to control his pupils.

  1. A man shaves many times during the day, but at the end of the day, he still has a beard. How is this possible?

The man is a barber.

  1. During which month do people work the least?

February, because it has only 28 days.

  1. What can make an octopus laugh?

Ten tickles (tentacles).

  1. I am made of water, but if you immerse me in the water I will no longer exist. What am I?

An ice cube.

  1. I have 13 hearts, but no other organ. What am I?

A deck of cards.

  1. Alcohol will make me prosper, but a drop of water can murder me. What am I?


  1. It has four fingers and a thumb but isn’t alive. What is it?

A Glove.

  1. If you are running in a 100-meter sprint and you surpass the person in the third place, which place are you in now?

The third place.

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Christmas Riddles For Teens

It is that time of the year when family and friends gather to celebrate and have a good time. With all the gifts and presents comes a lot of smiles and happiness. And to fill your evenings and gatherings with even more amusement, here are some Christmas riddles for you.

  1. Why is Santa so good in Karate?

Because he wears a black belt.

  1. What is a snowman called in summer?

A Puddle.

  1. Who is never hungry on Christmas?

A turkey because it is always stuffed.

  1. Who is a person who is terrified of Santa Claus?


  1. What did Adam say before Christmas?

It’s Christmas, Eve!

  1. In which year did Christmas and New Years happen to be in the same year?

It happens every year.

  1. This is the best present that you can receive for Christmas.

A broken drum, because you cannot ‘beat’ it.

  1. Why is Rudolph an expert in trivia questions?

Because he NOES a lot.

  1. What helps the Christmas tree to keep its breath fresh?


  1.  Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

In the dictionary.

Riddles for teens

Brain Teaser Riddles

A brain teaser requires one to think out of the ordinary, something out of the box. The answers seem very obvious to you, once you know them. And you end up snickering at your own silliness and inattentiveness. Here are some brain teasers riddles for teens.

  1. This cannot eat even though it has a mouth. It can move, but it has no legs. It also has a bank, but cannot deposit any money in it.

A river.

  1. An employee couldn’t log in to his computer system. He entered his password repeatedly but still could not log in. He suddenly remembered that his password is automatically changed every month to enhance security. Finally, he called up his boss and said, “Sir, my password is out of date”.

His Boss replies, “Yes you are correct, the password is different. I believe that you will be able to crack the new one as the new one has four letters same as the old password”. With this help, the employee was able to crack the new password. What was the old and the new password?

The old password was “out of date” and the new one is “different”. Both have the letters t, f, d, and e in common.

  1. You have a 3 liters bucket and a 5 liters bucket and you are required to measure exactly 7 liters of water. How will you do it?

Fill the 5 liters bucket till the brim, then take the 3-liter bucket and fill it from the former, this leaves you with 2 liters of water in the 5-liter bucket. Now empty the 3-liter bucket, and fill it with the 2 liters remaining in the 5-liter bucket. Now fill the 5-liter bucket fully. You will have exactly 7 liters of water.

  1. There are 21 barrels of oil, seven of which are fully filled with oil, seven of which are half-filled and seven are empty. These 21 barrels have to be divided between three people so that each one gets an equal number of full, half, and empty barrels each. There are no measuring devices available. How can this be done?

Firstly, four half-filled barrels should be dumped into two empty barrels. After this, we will have a total of 9 fully filled barrels, 3 half-filled barrels, and nine empty barrels. Each person can then be allotted 3 fully-filled, 1 half-filled, and 3 empty barrels.

  1. A room has three switches and a door. There are three bulbs on the other side of the door which are controlled by these switches. Once you cross the door, you cannot touch the switches. How will you figure out which switch controls which bulb?

Switch on any two switches. After 5 minutes, switch off any one of them. Now go to the other side of the door. One bulb will be lighted up, as its switch is switched on. Out of the other two bulbs, the one that is warmer would be controlled by the switch that was switched off after 5 minutes. And the third bulb would be cold, as it was never switched on.

  1. As I was going to California, I met a man with five sisters, each sister had five sacks, each sack had five cats, each cat had five kits. How many people were going to California?

One, only I was going to California.

  1. Prior to the discovery of Mt. Everest, which was the highest mountain?

Mt. Everest. It was still the highest mountain, it was just not discovered.

  1. A man was looking at a photograph. Someone asked him “Who is in the photograph?”. The man answered, “I do not have any siblings, but the man’s father was his father’s son.” Who was in the photograph?

His son.

  1. A man had to remember his password which was seven letters containing only letters and numbers. So he wrote down “You force heaven to be empty”. What was his password?

u472bmt. Try to say the sentence like these characters.

  1. Which five letter word will become shorter if you add another two letters to it?


So, now you have the perfect ice-breaker for an awkward meeting or the perfect way to interact with strangers. Just throw your web of Funny or Short riddles to capture the attention of people around you. You can use them in a gathering to throw some life into an otherwise boring party.

You can even make some riddles of your own. You have a wide range of riddles at your disposal to draw inspiration from. Happy Riddling!

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