30+ Best ocean trivia & facts for kids

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The ocean is one of nature’s beauties; thanks to it, we enjoy some of the most scenic beaches in the world. But besides the beautiful and mysterious marine attractions, did you know that the ocean plays a significant role in our day-to-day lives? We have compiled a list of ocean trivia questions and answers for kids and adults.

Let’s see how much do you know about the ocean? Gather around your ocean-loving friends for some marine classes as we put to the test your sea of ocean-based knowledge.

30+ Best ocean trivia & facts for kids

Ocean trivia for kids

Below are some exciting ocean trivia questions for kids. They will help arouse their curiosity about the ocean:

  • Which are the largest mammals that live in the ocean? Blue whales.
  • Human beings have lungs while fish have? Gills.
  • In which ocean is the infamous Bermuda Triangle found? Atlantic ocean.
  • Oceans cover what percentage of the earth? Over 70%.
  • How many oceans are there in the world? Five.
  • What are the names of the oceans on our planet? the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean
  • Which one is the largest ocean among the five? Pacific ocean.
  • Which is the deepest part of the ocean? The Mariana trench.
  •  Which fish is considered to be intelligent and friendly to human beings? Dolphin.

Ocean facts

Here are some ocean facts to expand on your knowledge of the ocean. You can use them to create some interesting ocean trivia.

  • The Orcas are the largest of the dolphin family. They are also called killer whales.
  • Do you know the longest mountain range on earth is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge? It stretches beneath the Atlantic from Antarctica to Iceland. It is more than 60,000 km.
  • Did you know that the deepest submarine cable between America and Japan is 8000 meters below sea level?
  • Did you know that when sharks lose their teeth, they grow back?
  • Do you know more treasure is lying on the ocean floor than in museums on land?
  • Do you know that volcanic eruptions occur underwater too? As a matter of fact, there are more volcanic eruptions underwater than there are on dry land.
  • Did you know that factors such as ocean pollution and overfishing have led to the decline of coral reefs?
  • Did you know that the blue whale is an ocean mammal?
  • If you place Mount Everest at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, it would fit in.
  • At a vertical relief of 8520ft, the Zhemchug Canyon in the Bering sea is over 2500 ft deeper than the Grand Canyon.
  • Did you know the pressure at the Challenger Deep is about 8 tons per square inch?

World ocean trivia

The ocean has so much we don’t know about. Challenge yourself with this ocean trivia to better your understanding.

  • Which instrument is used for mapping the ocean floor? Echo sounders. What technology does it use? Sonar technology (Sound Navigation and Ranging)
  • What is the ocean’s name that lies between North America and Europe? Atlantic.
  • ‘Harbour wave’ is the meaning of which famous Japanese word? Tsunami.
  • In which ocean is the island of Madagascar found? Indian Ocean.
  • What is the fear of large and deep water bodies known as? Thalassophobia.
  • What is the name of the deepest known point in the Mariana trench? The challenger deep.
  • How many Shark species are there in the world’s oceans? More than 500 species.
  • What other huge barrier reefs can you name besides the great barrier reef? The Mesoamerican barrier reef, the huge barrier reefs of Fiji, and the New Caledonia barrier reefs. Which two oceans meet at the southern tip of South America? The Atlantic and Pacific ocean.
  • What is the nickname given to coral reefs? Rainforests of the sea. What is their source of food? Planktons.
ocean trivia

Ocean animal trivia

The ocean has thousands, if not millions, of creatures yet to be discovered. How much do you know about those that have been studied so far? Find out on this ocean trivia..

  • How many hearts does an Octopus have? 3.
  • Name the fastest fish in the ocean. The Sailfish.
  • Which sea turtle species is the largest of the turtle species? Leatherback.
  • Which fish species is the longest bony fish in the world? Oarfish, which can grow up to 17m in length.
  • A famous octopus correctly predicted the 2010 FIFA world cup matches. What was his name? Paul.
  • Male seahorses keep their young ones in a pouch, true or false? True.
  • What features are common in cats, walruses and seals? They all have whiskers.
  • The skeletons of sharks aren’t made of bones. Instead, they are made of? Cartilage.
  • What is the name of the tallest species of penguin? Emperor penguins.
  • What is the average number of sharks killed by humans each year? More than 100 million.
  • What shark species sends chills down the spines of every diver and swimmer? The Great white shark.
  • What is the name given to a large collection of jellyfish? A smack.
  • The fear of large and deep water bodies is known as? Thalassophobia.

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Ocean life trivia

Can you out-swim this ocean quiz? Jump in on this ocean trivia to prove yourself.

  • Which major river does the Atlantic ocean meet? Amazon river.
  • What is trepanning? It is the harvesting of sea cucumbers.
  • What is the depth of the Puerto Rico Trench in the Atlantic ocean? 8381m.
  • Early European explorers had a great challenge sailing across oceans. Which ocean did they cross to get to America from Europe? Atlantic ocean.
  • How many oceans does the Equator run through? Three oceans, namely the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans.
  • There is Zero light at the bottom of the ocean. True or false? True.
  • How many islands are found in the pacific ocean? 25000 islands. This is more than the total number for the rest of the oceans combined.
  • Which is the deepest ocean in the world? Pacific ocean.
  • What is the speed of sound in the ocean? 1435m/sec.
  • The great barrier reef is found in which country? Australia.

Top teams of ocean experts warn that climate change is really impacting marine life. Human activities such as pollution are damaging the ecosystem for most sea creatures.

Have fun with our ocean trivia and help conserve the ocean by not polluting it. After all, we need it!

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