30+ Famous Scottish & Swedish Viking Tribe Names

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Key Takeaways
  • Best Viking Tribe Names: The Godwinson Tribe, The Gillies Clan, Rage of the Ice, Food Is Fuel, Superhero Vikings.
  • Creativity and Uniqueness: Infuse creativity and uniqueness into the name to make it stand out and leave a lasting impression. For example, Larping Is Cool and Superhero Vikings.

Vikings have a rich history, one which they proudly celebrate today. Old Norse names or the Viking Age are a big part of that history and culture. Some of these Scandinavian names are still popular today. In this article, you can find good Viking clan names.

30+ Famous Scottish & Swedish Viking Tribe Names
30+ Famous Scottish & Swedish Viking Tribe Names

Famous Viking Tribe Names

List of popular Viking names used by seafaring Norse people of Scandinavia that spread their culture throughout the British Isles and Nordic countries. Some of these surnames are still in use today.

Famous Viking Tribe Names
The Asvaldsson Tribe
The Christenson Clan
The Corvey Tribe
The Eiríksdóttir Tribe
The Erikson Tribe
The Fairhair Tribe
The Forkbeard Tribe
The Godwinson Tribe
The Gudvangen Tribe
The Hamundarson Tribe
The Hardrada Tribe
The Hastein Tribe
The Ironside Tribe
The Jumièges Tribe
The Lothbrook Tribe
The Nærøyfjord Tribe
The Njardarheimr Tribe
The Northumbria Tribe
The Ogilvy Clan
The Peersan Clan
The Ragnarsson Tribe
The Rigsthulla Clan
The Skallagrimsson Tribe
The Tryggvason Tribe

Scottish Viking Tribe Names

Viking names inspired Scottish surnames for both men and women, still recognized today. Some are listed below.

Scottish Viking Tribe Names
The Aird Clan
The Alexandar Clan
The Blair Clan
The Bowie Clan
The Buchanan Clan
The Cameron Clan
The Ferguson Clan
The Fletcher Clan
The Gallacher Clan
The Gillies Clan
The Gordon Clan
The Hunter Clan
The Lees Clan
The Lennox Clan
The Logan Clan
The MacCabe Clan
The MacDuff Clan
The MacMillan Clan
The MacNally Clan
The McPhee Clan
The Munroe Clan
The Roy Clan
The Vass Clan
The Wallace Clan
The Walsh Clan

Swedish Viking Clan Names

It’s no secret that Scandinavian countries today used to be the playground of strong Viking clans. So much so that common names in Sweden can be traced back to Viking society; some Norse names are listed below.  

Swedish Viking Clan Names
The Aasland Clan
The Ammah Clan
The Arvid Clan
The Bjork Clan
The Bothildr Clan
The Ebur Clan
The Gunhild Clan
The Hallberg Clan
The Halvar Clan
The Hedda Clan
The Hegnell Clan
The Hilmarsdóttir Clan
The Hjortsberg Clan
The Jansson Clan
The Magnus Clan
The Malmsten Clan
The Mårtensson Clan
The Nielsen Clan
The Nykvist Clan
The Olav Clan
The Olen Clan
The Padersson Clan
The Seldahl Clan
The Sjöberg Clan
The Steenhoff Clan
viking tribe names
Badass Viking Tribe Names

Badass Viking Tribe Names

Although Viking warrior names aren’t as common today, you can still live out your Viking fantasy with badass names inspired by old Norse words and runic inscriptions. These names celebrate ancient Viking heritage.

Badass Viking Tribe Names
Bashers of the Shield
Fists of the North Star
Flaming Sword Vikings
Lords of the Dark Age
Rage of the Ice
Swords and Shields
The Barbarian Slayers
The Beasts From The Sea
The Blue Eyed Shamans
The Glory Seekers
The Great Viking Warriors
The Great Viking Wave
The Heathen Heroes
The Immortal Dynasty
The Rage Brothers
The Rainbow Bridge Band
The Rune Forgers
The Snow Wolves
The Star Riders
The Talisman Bearers
The Vinland Sages
The Volcanic Smiths
The Warriors in Leather
The Wounded Northmen
Tribe of the Starcrossed

Funny Viking Clan Names

Vikings had a good sense of humour. Some of their names were jokes. For funny Scandinavian clan names, try these Viking-inspired ideas.

Funny Viking Clan Names
Armor is Heavy
Barbarians in Glasses
Dull Brain, Sharp Sword
First Food, Then Battle
Food Is Fuel
Here For The Food
Larping Is Cool
Need More Furs
Superhero Vikings
The Battlefield Medics
The Bearded Band
The Bloodthirsty Rearguard
The Burping Brothers
The Computer Age Mystics
The Drunk Warriors
The Feudal Fools
The Friendly Thugs
The Gentle Berserkers
The Hammer Hands
The Legendary Noobs
The Modern Day Vikings
The Office Vikings
The Viking Bards
Vikings After Dark
Which Way Is North?

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30+ Famous Scottish & Swedish Viking Tribe Names
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Mythical Clan Names

Norse mythology is still pretty popular today. So much so that many people look into old Viking names for various reasons; these ancient times are a huge part of European history. And so is the mythology. In the list below, you can find such names. 

Mythical Clan Names
Angrboda’s Thoughts
Apprentices of Brokkr
Beasts of the Aesir
Fafnir’s Bankers
Freiya’s Favored
Guardians of the Bifrost
Guardians of the World Tree
Heimdall’s Watchdogs
In Hela’s Name
Kaldr in Our Veins
Loki’s Serpents
Midguard’s Finest Warriors
Nth Metal Masons
Odin’s Ravens
Odin’s Sons
Old World Pagans
Ratatoskr’s Nuts
Sleipnnir’s Legs
Sol’s Brilliant Rays
Sons of Olaf
Spawn of Jörmungandr
The Dragon’s Talons
The Elf Warriors
The Hel Walkers
The Mangly Metalworkers
The Vainglorious Vanir
Thor’s Electrifying Sparks
Tyr’s Tears
World Snake Eaters
Ymir’s Breath

Real Viking Clans

These are real Nordic names that you can use as unique clan names for your family members. They are from actual Scandinavian clans in Northern Europe, and some of them are first names, place names, or group names.

Real Viking Clans
Ásbirningar Family Clan
Haukdælir Family Clan
Oddaverjar Family Clan
Scylfing Family Clan
Skjöldung Family Clan
Sturlungar Family Clan
Svínfellingar Family Clan
Vatnsfirðingar Family Clan
Völsung Family Clan
Wægmunding Family Clan
Ylfing Family Clan

How To Come Up With A Cool Viking Clan Name

To create a cool clan name, decide on the type of name you want. Fantasy or historically accurate? Look for inspiration in Viking or Norse mythological texts.

You can also use a Viking Name Generator. They can be a quick, easy, and helpful tool. But sometimes, their results are not specific enough for certain individuals. 

  • If you are thinking more about live-action role-playing or larping, you might want to use translations of Nordic words rather than the words themselves. For example, Vikings were known to be good sailors, so a name like “The Merry Boatmen” would not be out of place.
  • If you want a Nordic name for your kid, reading about historical Viking figures for inspiration would be a great tactic. For example, “Ragnar Lothbrok” and “Erik The Red.” Also, legendary female Vikings like “Freydis Eiríksdóttir.”

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