Unleash Your Inner Warrior with These Huntress Names

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Are you looking for a unique name for your baby girl? What better place to begin than this list of huntress names with their meanings? Hunter names are typically associated with men and little boys. However, throughout history, a fair number of hunters have been female. And they had such badass girl names too. 

Some of these huntress names have been listed below. Their origins and meanings have also been provided. By going through the list, you are bound to find a perfect name that would suit your little girl. These names are not only meaningful but beautiful as well. 

Unleash Your Inner Warrior with These Huntress Names

Famous huntress names with meaning

  1. Isabella – This was the name of Queen Isabella. She was the wife of Edward II, King of England. While many queens were expected to be dainty creatures who never did anything demanding, Isabella was never scared to pick up the bow and go hunting. 
  2. Elizabeth – After Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII. Elizabeth was such a good hunter that even her brothers and other royals couldn’t help but commend her for her hobby instead of looking down on her. 
  3. Mary – This is after both Mary I and Mary of Burgundy. Mary of Burgundy was the wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. However, she didn’t let that stop her from pursuing her passions. 
  4. Annie – This was the first name of Annie Oakley, one of the most legendary huntresses in American history. Born into poverty in 1860 in western Ohio, Annie began hunting by age 8 to support her mother and siblings. 
  5. Paulina – After Paulina Brandeth. Not only was she an extremely accomplished huntress, but she was a successful naturalist, photographer, and writer as well. 
  6. Catherine or Minna – After Lady Catherine Mina Jenkins. She was married to a judge in Bombay in 1906. Who was too busy to go hunting with her in Tibet. She went on her own, had a legendary trip, and even wrote a successful book about her travels.  
  7. Agnes or Cecily – After Agnes and Cecily Herbert. As far as baby names go, these are great. Agnes and Cecily were two cousins who went on a hunting expedition to Alaska, the Caucasus, and Africa between 1906 and 1911.
  8. Osa – After Osa Johnson. This is a perfect name for your little girl. Together with her husband, Osa Johnson was one of the people who invented wildlife photography. To do so, she needed to protect herself from wild animals. And she never failed at this. 
  9. Grizel – After Lady Grizel Winifred Louisa Cochrane. Grizel is a beautiful first name popularized by this fierce huntress. Part Welsh and part Scottish, she was a keen big-game hunter on the plains of Africa. 
  10. Agnes – After Agnes Herbert. This Manx writer was so tired of domestic life that she decided to take to the great outdoors. There, she found adventure, and went on to be a very successful huntress.  

Badass female huntress names with meaning

  1. Brielle – A name of Hebrew origin that means hunting grounds. 
  2. Chase – The name Chase is of English origin, and it means huntsman. 
  3. Fowler – Another name of English origin that means “wild bird hunter.”
  4. Orion – You might recognize Orion to be the name of a constellation. But before then, it was a Greek word meaning “hunter”. 
  5. Holda – This is a Germanic name. In ancient mythology, Holda is the wife of Wotan, who is the leader of the wild hunt. 
  6. Valda – This is a German name that means “battle heroine”. It’s such a great name for girls. 
  7. Mixcoatl – In Mesoamerican cultures, Mixcoatl is known as the Cloud Serpent. Not only was he associated with hunting or chasing. He was also strongly associated with the Milky Way. 
  8. Asclepias – The feminine version of Asclepius, the son of Apollo. Asclepius was the Greco-Roman god of medicine. His staff is used as a symbol by many medical institutions today. 
  9. Sedna – Sedna is the Inuit goddess of the sea and marine animals. She is the deity they pray to when they want to hunt at Sea. 
  10. Theron – This is another name of Greek origin that means hunter. It’s a great name for a girl. Just ask Charlize Theron. 
  11. Winda – A name of Swahili origin which means hunter. This could be a great alternative if you are tired of the same old names. 
  12. Antiope – Antiope was the Greek warrior goddess. She is most famous for being the mother of Zeus, the God of the Sky. 
  13. Bea/Bia – This is yet another historical, mythological name that means “hunter.” It’s quite a popular name even today. 
  14. Galadriel – Galadriel is a character from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe said to be the mightiest of all elves. It’s such a beautiful name for any girl. 
  15. Jazinda – Jazinda is a comic book character created by Marvel comics. Though she hasn’t appeared in any movies, she may soon get the opportunity. 
  16. Arawn – This is a name of Welsh origin. Arawn refers to the goddess of the hunt and the underworld. It means “Sovereign of the underworld”. 
  17. Kacela – This is a rare gem as it is a name of African origin. It is one of the cutest names that mean “huntress”. 
  18. Skadi – A Norse goddess of the hunt and of winter. 
  19. Atlanta – Atlanta was a heroine from Arkansas known as “The Virgin Huntress”.
  20. Devana – In Slavic mythology, Devana was a goddess of the hunt. 
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Huntresses from mythology

  1. Artemis – In Greek mythology, Artemis is a mythical hunter goddess. It is the perfect choice for a child’s name. Not only is she great at hunting, but she’s a skilled healer as well. In ancient times, people used to pray to her before any hunting expedition.  
  2. Bendis – This is the name of the Thracian goddess of the hunt. As Bendis was one of the crucial figures in Greek mythology, it is a name of Greek origin. Bendis is a name that emanates strength. It is also a gender-neutral name. As such, it is the right name for any kid. 
  3. Abnoba – An utterly unique name, Abnoba is the name of the goddess of the hunt in Celtic mythology. The meaning of this name is “divine waters”. As Celtic names for kids go, this is an excellent choice. Girls with this given name sure grow up to be special people.  
  4. Nodens – This is the name of the Welsh god of hunting. It is one of the most popular hunter names. It has the perfect balance of rugged appeal to be a gender-neutral name. This is one name hunters always come to again and again.  
  5. Nujalik – In Inuit mythology, Nujalik is the goddess of hunting on land. She is highly revered by the Inuit people as she is believed at the bottom of the sea and controls marine animals. This is a name that could suit both baby boys and baby girls. There is a variant that is of Chinese origin. 
  6. Asteria – The feminine version of Asterio, the name of the son of Ceous. And what a beautiful name it is. It means star, and if you have high hopes for your daughter, then it’s a perfect name for her. In Greek mythology, Asteria has a twin named Astraea. Her name means the same thing. 
  7. Britannia – A name of French origin, Britannia is an ancient goddess of warfare and water. She is a divine mother, armed with a spear and a shield. Used as a symbol of both the Roman empire and the British empire, Britannia has always symbolized grace and strength. Today, it is quite a popular English name.  
  8. Airmed – This is a name of Irish origin that means “beautiful”. Airmed was a goddess of war from ancient times. In Irish mythology, her tears are said to be the water from which all the healing herbs in the world sprung out. She also had the power to resurrect the dead. 
  9. Zarola – This is an Arabic name that literally means “hunter.” It’s a name that suits baby girls very well. It’s a pretty name, but it also has an edge to it. Girls who bear this name are friendly and gracious, but know how to take care of themselves. 
  10. Alala – Alala is a Greek word that means “buttercup”. Buttercup is a beautiful name of English origin. But when translated to ancient greet, it retains its beautiful quality. It’s also a great name to pronounce, which is always a plus.  

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Huntresses from fiction

  1. Katniss – After Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. As played by Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss is an icon for young girls everywhere. No one will dispute that her name is one of the most amazing hunter names. 
  2. Neytiri – From the Avatar franchise. Her full name is Neytiri. As the princess of her clan, Neytiri is a very adept hunter with great skill at using a bow. 
  3. Osha – From Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s a bold name to give a kid. Osha may not be one of the main characters of the show. But what she is, is an exceptionally great hunter. 
  4. Shanna – From Shanna the She-Devil. This is a strong name for any baby girl. Marvel comics created this badass character to appeal to a feminine audience. And appeal, she did. 
  5. Rulah – After Rulah, The Jungle Goddess. A comic character whose hunting grounds are in the jungle. Indeed, not a famous name. Which is what makes it that much more of a cool name. 
  6. Sheena – After Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. Yet another comic book character. Yet another rare name. Yet another forest hunter who wrestles wild animals. And yet another good choice as a baby name. 
  7. Ayla – This is the name of the main character of the Earth’s Children novels. It is a regal name suitable for any girl. Since Ayla is a mean hunter who relies on wit and will, this is one of the best names you could give your kid.  
  8. Alison – After Alison Argent from the Teen Wolf live-action series. Her last name, Argent, means silver, which is the element used to kill werewolves. As a hunter’s daughter, she’s a skilled hunter in her own right.  
  9. Belphoebe – Now this is a name for badass women. This is the name of a virgin huntress from the 1950s poem, The Faerie Queen. She is inspired by Artemis, who is the equivalent of the Roman goddess Diana. Such a name is always a good option.   
  10. Mononoke – From Princess Mononoke, the famed Ghibli movie by Hayao Miyazaki. This is a fitting name for any baby girl. As cool hunter names go, finding a better one is difficult. 

We hope you enjoyed the huntress names in this article. What is your favourite name? Share with us in the comment box below.

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