50+ Best meeting name ideas to get everyone excited

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Business meetings are a staple of corporate life. There’s no avoiding them. While they may seem like a chore, having a great meeting name ensures that your team members will stay focused on the purpose of the meeting. Are you looking for some of the best meeting name ideas? Well, look no further than this article. 

Ahead, you’ll find great names of all varieties, including catchy, funny, business, online, and board meeting names. Many company meetings could benefit from having such unique names for meetings. Use one of these for your next meeting, and see your productivity rise. 

meeting name ideas

Catchy Meeting name ideas

Catchy meeting names are a great way to get everyone to look forward to the meeting. With any of the fun names below, you can transform the outlook of your meeting from a chore to something that sounds like a rather good idea. Overall, they are just a fun way to navigate the corporate world. 

  1. The Go Getters
  2. The Do-Gooders
  3. The A-Team
  4. Top Gun First Class
  5. First Meet, Then Eat
  6. Meet and Greet 
  7. Quick Fire Meetings
  8. The Brainstorming Besties
  9. The War Room
  10. Friends Talking
  11. The Great Brainstorm 
  12. Building The Future
  13. The Last Great Team 
  14. Inter-Departmental Association
  15. The Thought Cabal 
  16. The Rockstars
  17. The Expert Panel 
  18. The Creative Conference
  19. The Backroom Thinkers
  20. The Great Mind Meld

Virtual Meeting names

Virtual meetings have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. These names fit the bill, whether a one-on-one meeting through a zoom call or a more general zoom meeting. With one of these names on any online tool, your target audience will first think of how cool the concept of a virtual meet is. 

  1. The Force Ghosts
  2. The Ghosts in the Machine
  3. No Pants On
  4. Cybermeet
  5. Into The Matrix
  6. Pac Men and Women
  7. The Digi Squad
  8. The Hackers Collective 
  9. Plugged In 
  10. Through the Mainframe
  11. Zeros and Ones
  12. The Cyber Spirits
  13. Zoomers and Boomers
  14. Mics Not Muted
  15. Working From Home
  16. The Virtual Thinkers
  17. The Code Coven
  18. Thinkers Interactive
  19. Click To Speak
  20. The Virtual Office

Funny Meeting name ideas

Are you looking for a funny conference room or team name? Then parse through the list of names below. These creative meeting room names are easy to make people laugh, but they are also some of the best options for generating a less tense work environment and leading everyone towards a common goal.  

  1. Knights of the Round Table
  2. Sermon on the Mount
  3. Who Is Keeping Notes?
  4. Don’t Zone Out
  5. Could Not Have Been An Email
  6. Time Is Running Out
  7. Megamind Network
  8. We Meet All Day
  9. Truly Global Event
  10. Assembly Of Asshats
  11. The Office Power Rangers 
  12. The Show Goes On
  13. The Absent Minds
  14. The Single Braincell
  15. The Pen Nibblers
  16. The Brainy Besties
  17. On Cloud Nine
  18. The Smart Conference
  19. The Proference
  20. The Friendly Affair

Motivational Meeting names

Sometimes, good meeting room names are very motivational. Team leaders typically pick cool names to reinforce positive company culture or awesome company values and invite good luck. With names like this, the entire team feels fired up to attend a single meeting and have a productive brainstorming session. 

  1. We Get Things Done
  2. No Wasting Time
  3. Meet and Grind
  4. Here For Business 
  5. The Productive Compadres
  6. Yes We Can
  7. Plus Ultra!
  8. Doing Our Best
  9. The Dream Team
  10. The Redeem Team
  11. The Rising Stars
  12. The Fixers
  13. The Problem-Solvers
  14. The Notorious M.E.E.T.
  15. The Executive Event
  16. The Thinking Singularity
  17. The Productive Hive Mind
  18. The Dreamers And Doers
  19. We Name It And Do It
  20. The Sharpshooters
meeting name ideas

Informal Meeting names

Informal meetings are a necessary part of any business; the best leaders do whatever to make them fun. Sometimes, a meeting space needs to be more relaxed. If you want that, the first step is to use simple names like those included below. 

  1. The Vampire Weekday
  2. Jokers in Suits
  3. What’s The Agenda?
  4. No Unnecessary Questions
  5. Intel Anonymous
  6. The Sharing Sessions
  7. Meeting of the Hearts
  8. Sharing And Caring
  9. On Top Of Things
  10. The All-Star Team 
  11. Don’t Want To Be Here
  12. Watching The Clock
  13. The Paperwork Dominators
  14. The Elevated Secretaries
  15. Rodin’s Other Thinkers
  16. The Red Room
  17. Need More Coffee
  18. The Office System
  19. The Idea Factory
  20. Big Think 

Weekly Meeting names

With these good names, weekly team meetings and other regular meetings seem more attractive ways of delivering or receiving project updates. A lot of the time, names like the ones mentioned below should be used more. With the right team, they can be the best way to unify a team and welcome different ideas.  

  1. Once A Week 
  2. The Weekly Roundup 
  3. The Weekly Report 
  4. The Monday Meeting
  5. The Friday Assembly 
  6. The Periodic PowerPoints
  7. Every Seven Days
  8. See You Next Week
  9. The Hebdomadal Team 
  10. The Weekly Heroes
  11. The Weekly Parade
  12. Weekly Workshop
  13. The Week’s Peak
  14. Weekly Cliffnotes
  15. Hebdominal Roundup 
  16. See You Next Friday
  17. Four Times A Month
  18. The Weekly Strategy 
  19. Plan For The Week
  20. The Leading Bulletin 

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Monthly Meeting names

The following names are great examples of how you can ensure that people remember monthly meetings more readily. Successful leadership teams employ names like this all the time. This is a current trend that leads to better meetings overall. If you need better meeting room name ideas, try these. 

  1. The Monthly Roundup 
  2. Meet-Up on the 30th
  3. The Monthly Meetup 
  4. See You Next Month 
  5. The Full Moon Collective 
  6. The Mid-Month Discussion
  7. The Monthly Heroes
  8. The Monthly Assembly
  9. Twelve Times A Year
  10. Monthly General Meeting
  11. Plan For The Month 
  12. The 30 Day Team
  13. The December Meeting
  14. The Low Input Squad
  15. Champions By The Dozen
  16. The Monthly Darlings
  17. The Monthly Strategy 
  18. The Conference Room Family
  19. Conference Confessions
  20. Conference In Demand

Team Meeting name ideas

Having cool team meeting names is a great idea to make coworkers feel more like family members. Whether these are for Monday morning meetings, they are some of the most creative names you could use. If you have one of these already, then sometimes switching to a new name may reinvigorate the team.  

  1. The Work Superheroes
  2. The Conference Room Squad
  3. The Goon Squad
  4. Scanners
  5. The Class Clowns
  6. The Council of Wise Ones
  7. The Technical Team 
  8. The Closed Council 
  9. The Great Builders
  10. Developers Collective
  11. The Late Night Workers
  12. Santa’s Little Helpers
  13. The Mental Aces
  14. The Corporate Conquerors
  15. The Office Warriors
  16. Paragons of Professionalism
  17. Kings of the Asphalt Jungle
  18. The Office Stars
  19. The Winning Team
  20. The Boardroom Celebrities

How To Come Up With Good Meeting Name Ideas

If none of the meeting name ideas in this list are satisfactory, this quick guide will show you how to come up with the most interesting names for your teams. 

  • One strategy you could look into is meeting name generators or meeting room name generators. These are great tools, but often, if you pay close attention to them, you may realize that they are too generic and don’t capture the brand name, company name, or company values. Still, if you need a quick and easy solution, they work very well, especially when you have several weekly meetings and don’t have time to think each title through. 
  • Still, if you want a unique meeting name idea, then you will have to do a little bit of brainstorming. This might seem like hard work, but your team will give you bonus points if you get this right especially if the meeting is tied to social media somehow. 
  • What exactly are you supposed to do to come up with a great meeting name for your meeting room? Well, first off, think of how frequently the meeting happens. Is it weekly? Monthly? Bi-Monthly? Or Quarterly? Use the names associated with those periods. 
  • Next, think of the purpose of the meeting. Is it a work summary? Update on a project? Or something more spontaneous? It will also do you well to think of the setting and mood. Is it a very official meeting or something more relaxed?
  • Considering all these, you should be able to cook up a great meeting name. 

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