100+ Fun & Easy Frozen trivia questions with answers

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As far as Disney movies go, Frozen is one of the best. The Disney film was a critical and box office hit, firmly in our pop culture. Because of that massive success, Frozen trivia questions are some of the most popular Disney trivia questions. And so, in this article, we’ve included a great assortment of Frozen Trivia Questions and Answers. 

You can use these movie trivia questions for your family game nights. Whether a major Disney fan, you will get a kick out of these trivia questions. Correct answers have been included as well.  

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Easy Frozen trivia questions

If it’s your first time or second time participating in Frozen trivia, you’re sure to have an easy time with these questions. These questions are not designed to give you a hard time. Even the youngest player in your quiz group can answer them without much trouble. 

  1. How did Anna and Elsa’s parents die? They Died in a Shipwreck
  2. What is the name of the Kingdom that Anna and Elsa are meant to rule as princesses? Arendelle
  3. What is Elsa’s age in Frozen? 21 years.
  4. What is Anna’s age in the movie? 18 years.
  5. What is the name of the talking snowman Elsa creates with her superpowers? Olaf.
  6. What name did Elsa give the snowman who she created to drive Anna away from the Ice Palace? Marshmallow
  7. Which group of creatures raised the character with the name of Kristoff? The Rock Trolls
  8. Between Elsa and Anna, who is the younger sister? Anna
  9. Which character introduces themselves by saying they like warm hugs? Olaf the snowman
  10. The leader of the rock trolls goes by what name? Grand Pabbie
  11. What is the surname of Elsa and Anna? Oldenburg
  12. Whose act of true love saves Anna by unfreezing her heart? Kristoff
  13. Based on the warnings she received, what is Elsa’s greatest enemy? Fear
  14. Which part of Anna’s body does Elsa accidentally freeze when they are young? She freezes her head
  15. The line “some people are worth melting for” is uttered by which character? Olaf the snowman
  16. Who is the first main character we see in Frozen? Among the main characters, Kristoff is the first person to show up.
  17. Which character does Anna fall in love with at first sight? Prince Hans of the Southern Isles.  
  18. What food with a tasty smell do Anna and Elsa love at their coronation? Chocolate
  19. What character loves the summertime? Olaf the snowman
  20. Elsa and Anna’s mother is called….? Queen Iduna
  21. Who does the Duke of Weselton label as a monster? Elsa
  22. How did Anna and Elsa’s parents die? In a shipwreck/Their ship hit a glacier
  23. As Elsa sings let it go, what does she create? An ice castle and a living snowman
  24. Which character in Frozen works as an ice harvester? Kristoff
  25. During Hans and Anna’s duet, what do they compare their love too? An Open door

Fun Frozen trivia questions

Though many trivia questions take Frozen very seriously, these quiz questions focus on the fun side of the mickey mouse animated movie. If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll have a great time with these and learn some fun facts about Frozen.  

  1. When Anna needs the trolls’ help, what does the King use to find their location? A Map in an ancient book
  2. What popular fairy tale, written by Hans Christian Anderson, served as the loose inspiration for Frozen? The Snow Queen
  3. On the way to the enchanted forest, which character started a trivia game they only played? Olaf
  4. Where does Elsa go after the secret of her powers is made known? The North Mountain
  5. A short Duke shows up at Elsa’s coronation. What is his name? The Duke of Weselton
  6. What actress and singer voiced Elsa in Frozen? Idina Menzel
  7. What singer-songwriter co-wrote the songs for the movie Frozen? Kristen Anderson-Lopez.
  8. The loyal reindeer, Sven, belongs to which Frozen character? Kristoff
  9. Other than Queen Elsa from Walt Disney’s frozen, what other Disney princess is intimately associated with snow? Snow White
  10. What is Sven’s favorite snack in Frozen? Carrots.
  11. Yelena is introduced as a character in which of the Frozen movies? Frozen 2
  12. How much money did the Frozen movie make at the global box office? Over 1 billion dollars. 
  13. What are synergies? Ice formations that Elsa creates anytime she sneezes
  14. Who does Olaf refer to as a “funky little donkey”? Kristoff
  15. What beloved Disney princess from another movie attends Elsa’s coronation? Rapunzel
  16. Arandelle is inspired by which real-life Scandinavian country? Norway
  17. How many salad plates do Elsa and Anna have? 1,000 plates
  18. Before settling on Frozen, what title did Disney tentatively give to the movie? The Snow Queen
  19. Elsa’s coronation cape has a jewel with what color? Blue
  20. What is Hans last name? Westergaard
  21. What number is Hans in for the throne? 13th in Line
  22. According to Grand Pabbie, what are the two characteristics of magic? Beauty and Danger
  23. After what activity did Kristoff try to propose to Anna for the first time? After playing a game of Charades
  24. What does Anna say to get Elsa out of bed at the movie’s beginning? “Do you want to build a snowman?” 
  25. Which character makes it a habit of saying, “conceal, don’t feel.”? Elsa
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Frozen 1 movie trivia questions

Frozen’s success has seen it spawn several tie-ins and spinoffs. However, the first movie remains iconic. Here is a selection of questions about the first and the first movie only. Let’s see who can separate what happened in it from the other Frozen content. 

  1. What year did the first Frozen movie come out? 2013
  2. The Disney song, Let It Go, for the first Frozen movie was performed by which singer? Demi Lovato
  3. Where does Anna first meet Kristoff? Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna
  4. What is the name of the trading partner to Arandelle? Weselton
  5. To where does Elsa flee when her ice powers are revealed? A nearby mountain called North Mountain. 
  6. A beloved Disney character makes a cameo as a stuffed animal in Frozen. Who is it? Mickey Mouse
  7. What did Anna give to Kristoff as a gift? A sled
  8. How did Kristoff lose his sled? After being chased by wolves.
  9. How many brothers did Hans have? 12 older brothers.
  10. Was Hans on good terms with all his brothers? No. According to him, three of them pretended he did not exist for two years. 
  11. Anna and Hans finish each other……? Sandwiches
  12. Who is the first person Anna talks to in Frozen? Elsa
  13. According to Kristoff, what is the trolls’ area of expertise? Love
  14. Who wrote and directed Frozen? Jennifer Lee.  
  15. How long did it take to write the song? Let it go? Only one day
  16. Frozen won how many Grammy awards? Two
  17. Who said, “Fears can’t be trusted”? Elsa
  18. Out of the 102 minutes that Frozen lasts, how many of those minutes are spent on songs? 22 minutes
  19. How many Grammy Award Nominations did Frozen receive? Three
  20. What is Olaf’s nose made of? A carrot
  21. What is the color of Elsa’s cape at her coronation? Purple
  22. What color are Olaf’s buttons? Black
  23. Who is referred to as the fifth spirit? Elsa
  24. The troll king removes Anna’s memories of what? Elsa’s ice magic
  25. Where does Elsa spend most of her time in the castle? In her room

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Frozen 2 movie trivia questions

Following the success of the first Frozen movie, Frozen 2 came out in 2019. Continuing the mythology of the first, Frozen 2 has also acquired a cult following. Below is a selection of trivia questions focused exclusively on the narrative proceedings of that movie. 

  1. Who served as the voice actress for Queen Iduna in Frozen 2? Evan Rachel Wood.
  2. What is the name of the wind spirit featured in Frozen 2? Gale.
  3. Who does Anna end up marrying at the end of the movie? Kristoff
  4. How many years after Frozen 1 does the story of Frozen 2 take place? Three Years
  5. What is the name of the character who is trapped in the enchanted forest? Lieutenant Destin Mattias.
  6. Anna and Elsa’s dad is named what? King Agnarr
  7. What is the name of the sea that Elsa must face on her journey? The Dark Sea
  8. What is the name of the water spirit that lives in the Dark Sea? Nokk
  9. What is the Earth Giants made of? Rock
  10. What is the name of the Salamander character introduced in Frozen 2? Bruni.
  11. If you want to travel from Arandelle to the Enchanted Forest, what direction do you go? North
  12. What Elemental spirits rule the enchanted forest? Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water
  13. What element does Elsa hold? The element of nature
  14. Who does Anna ask to destroy the dam? The Earth spirits of the enchanted forest
  15. What happened when Kristoff and Olaf tried to break through the mist that surrounded the enchanted forest? They were knocked back by the mist
  16. Where do the Northuldran people call their home? The enchanted forest
  17. What name does Olaf randomly say as he walks through the enchanted forest? Samantha
  18. Every Arendellian ship is equipped with what? A waterproof hatch
  19. What is the name of the reindeer enthusiast in the enchanted forest? Ryder
  20. What is the name of the river that Elsa journeys to? Ahtohallan

True or False Frozen questions

These basic trivia questions do not need full answers and can be answered simply true or false. You can use them in rapid-fire scenarios during any Frozen trivia game. Good luck! 

  1. Elsa could tell that prince Hans did not love Anna. True
  2. Elsa’s ice kingdom is partially inspired by an ice hotel in Canada. True
  3. At the start of Frozen, Anna is introduced as the de facto queen of Arendelle. False. 
  4. The Seven Dwarves and the Little Mermaid make cameo appearances in Frozen. False. 
  5. Princess Aurora is the protagonist of the second Frozen animated film. False
  6. Anna also has special powers like Elsa. False
  7. The Kingdom of Arendelle was placed under a spell of eternal winter. True
  8. Anna and Elsa have many older brothers. False
  9. Elsa is a part of Mickey’s search party. True.
  10. Young Anna had a different hair color than her older self. False
  11. Disney hired a snow expert to help them make the movie. True
  12. At the end of Frozen, Anna and Hans have a beautiful relationship. False
  13. There is another character by the name of Elsa in Frozen. False
  14. The Earth Giants are not friendly creatures. True
  15. Olaf does not know how to read or spell in Frozen 2. False
  16. Frozen 2 made more money than Frozen 1. True

Frozen trivia questions for 5-year-olds

These Disney frozen trivia questions are easy enough for five-year-old children to answer without getting too overwhelmed. 

  1. Who are the two Disney princesses in Frozen? Princess Elsa and Princess Anna.
  2. What are Elsa’s magical powers? She can manipulate ice and snow
  3. Who are the five main characters of the frozen movie? Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Hans
  4. Which character turns out to be the bad guy at the end of Frozen? Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. 
  5. Frozen is a fairy tale, yes or no? Yes
  6. Who is the Disney villain in Frozen 2? King Runeard
  7. In Frozen, which two characters have a strong sister bond? Elsa and Anna
  8. What color are Anna’s eyes? Blue.
  9. How many times does Kristoff ask Anna to marry him? Four times
  10. Grand Pabbie is the leader of what group of creatures? Trolls

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