145 Fun, easy and exciting animal trivia questions

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Are you an animal lover? Currently, there are over 8.7 million documented animal species on Earth. If you love animals, this article is for you. We will be looking at some easy, and fun animal Trivia questions.

Now let’s test your animal knowledge and see how how many correct answer you can get.

animal trivia questions

Famous Animal Trivia Questions

  1. Question : In which country can you find Komodo dragon?

Answer : Indonesia

2. Question : What is the fastest bird in the world?

Answer : Peregrine Falcon

3. Question : What is the fastest animal in the world?

Answer : Cheetah

4. Question : what is the most venomous snake

Answer : The saw-scaled viper

5. Question: What is the largest land mammal ?

Answer : African elephant

6. Question : What do you call a group of lions?

Answer : a troop

7. Question: What do we call a baby goat?

Answer: A Kid.

8. Question: Is the penguin type of a bird?

Answer: Yes

9. Question: What is the oldest mammal species ever discovered?

Answer: Bowhead whales.

10. Question: Which land animal has the fastest speed?

Answer: Cheetahs. It is the fastest land animal.

11. Question: How many bones are in a Shark’s body?

Answer: None!

12. Question: How many legs does a spider have?

Answer: Eight.

13. Question: What is the only mammal that can fly?

Answer: A Bat.

14. Question: Which Mammals lay eggs?

Answer: Duck-Billed Platypus and the Spiny Anteater.

15. Question: How many tows are there on a cat’s back paw?

Answer: 4.

16. Question: What do we call a baby Kangaroo?

Answer: Joey.

17. Question: Where are Komodo Dragons from?

Answer: Australia.

18. Question: Which animal species has the longest life span?

Answer: African Elephants.

19. Question: What is the largest Shark on Earth?

Answer: Whale Sharks.

20. Question: Where is the heart of a Shrimp?

Answer: In its Head.

21. Question: What do we call a baby fox?

Answer: A Pup.

22. Question: What is the Largest Mammal on Earth?

Answer: A Blue Whale.

23. Question: What spider has the most venom?

Answer: A Brazilian wandering spider. 

24. Question: What is the smallest Mammal?

Answer: The bumblebee bat.

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25. Question: Where are Brazilian Wandering Spiders found?

Answer: In Brazil.

26. Question: How many dogs survived the tragedy of Titanic?

Answer: 3

27. Question: What is the national animal of Scotland?

Answer: A fictional Unicorn.

28. Question: What do we call a female elephant?

Answer: A Cow.

29. Question: What is Africa’s National Animal?

Answer: A Springbok.

30. Question: How many noses are there on a Snail?

Answer: 4.

31. Question: Which bird flies the fastest?

Answer: Peregrine Falcon.

32. Question: How many arms are there on a Starfish?

Answer: Five.

33. Question: Which animal has the blood pressure on Earth?

Answer: A Giraffe.  

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34. Question: Which bird can fly backward?

Answer: A Hummingbird.

35. Question: On which area do dogs have the only sweat glands on their body?

Answer: Their paws.

36. Question: What is the national bird of the United States of America?

Answer: The Bald Eagle.

37. Question: What is the element that makes the horn of a Rhino?

Answer: It’s hairs.

38. Question: What do we call an Elephant Tusk?

Answer: An Ivory.

39. Question: How many days does a Sloth require to digest food?

Answer: A week. Sloths are the slowest animals on Earth.

40. Question: What type of lions are found in California?

Answer: Mountain Lions.

41. Question: Which is a flightless bird?

Answer: A Kiwi?

42. Question: Which animal cannot jump?

Answer: An Elephant.

Farm Animal Trivia Questions

What kind of animal do you like? Farm Animals? If yes, this section is for you.

43. Question: How many hairs do a dog shed each day?

Answer: About 1,000 hair per day.

44. Question: Can you tell if the chicken will be a red ear-lobed chicken before they hatch?

Answer: Yes.

45. Question: How many compartments are there in a Cow’s stomach?

Answer: 17.

46.Question: Which farm animal can be hypnotized?

Answer: Chickens.

47. Question: How many eggs does a chicken lay each year?

Answer: 250 eggs per year.

48. Question: What is the primary food of Sheep?

Answer: Grass.

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Hard Animal Trivia Questions

Do you know friends who are animal lovers just like you? If yes, then you need to have some hard animal trivia questions to test their general knowledge on animals.

49. Question: What is the fastest flying bird in the world?

Answer: Peregrine Falcon.

50. Question: What is the rough size of a newborn Kangaroo?

Answer: A Lima Bean.

51. Question: Which is the only animal that has a tusk?

Answer: An Elephant.

52. Question: Where do lions originate from?

Answer: Sub-Saharan Africa.

53. Question: How many species of monkeys are there on Earth?

Answer: 260 different species.

54. Question: What is the largest spider on Earth?

Answer: Goliath bird-eater spider.

55. Question: What is the largest snake on Earth?

Answer: A Python Snake.

56 Question: What animal lays the largest animal?

57. Answer: An Ostrich.

Question: How many species of owls exist in the United States of America?

Answer: 19 Species.

58. Question: How many species of fish are there in the Ocean?

Answer: Roughly 20,000 species of fish.

59. Question: What do sharks live off?

Answer: Small fish.

60. Question: What is the gestation period of Blue Whales?

Answer: Roughly 10-12 months.

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61. Question: Name the smallest mammal in the world?

Answer: A Bumblebee Bat.

62. Question: How far away can a wolf smell its prey?

Answer: Roughly 2 miles.

63. Question: Which mammal has the most powerful bite on Earth?

Answer: A Hippopotamus.

64. Question: What object does a male penguin offer female penguins as a gift during the mating seasons?

Answer: A pebble.

65. Question: For how long is an Elephant pregnant before it gives birth?

Answer: Roughly 22 months.

66. Question: Why is Flamingo’s pink?

Answer: It is due to their diet which is primarily made up of crustaceans, shrimps, and algae.

67. Question: Through which part does a dog sweat?

Answer: It’s Paws.

68. Question: Which animal spends 90% of its day sleeping?

Answer: Koala.

69. Question: What is the color of a Giraffe color?

Answer: Purple.

70. Question: Which animal has stripes on its fur, as well as its skin?

Answer: Tigers.

71. Question: Which animal’s poop is the shape of a cube?

Answer: Wombat.

72. Question: What is the actual color of a polar bear’s skin?

Answer: Black.

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73. Question: How much time does a Sloth require to digest food?

Answer: 2 weeks.

74. Question: What do we call a group of kittens?

Answer: A Kindle.

75. Question: How many humps does a Bactrian camel have?

Answer: 2

76. Question: What do we call a female deer?

Answer: A Doe.

77. Question: How do sea otters keep from drifting apart while they sleep?

Answer: By holding hands.

78. Question: Which Sea animal is referred to as Sea Cows?

Answer: Manatees.

79. Question: Which animal is said to have a total of nine lives.

Answer: Cats

80. Question: Which is the largest mammal on Earth?

Answer: Blue Whales.

81. Question: Which animal lives primarily on Bamboo?

Answer: Pandas.

82. Question: Which animal is man’s best friend?

Answer: Dogs.

83. Question: Which animal can stand on its tail?

Answer: Kangaroo.

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84. Question: How far can a skunk spray?

Answer: Roughly 10 feet.

85. Question: What animal is covered in quills?

Answer: A Porcupine.

86. Question: What does a snake shed a few times a year?

Answer: Its Skin.

Fun Animal Trivia Quiz For Kids

Kids are particularly fond of animals. Along with domestic animals, they are fascinated by wild animals which are not usually tamed.

In this section of this article, we are taking a look at animal trivia for kids.

87. Question: Which animal can move its eyes independently?

Answer: A Chameleon.

88. Question: What animals breathe out of its bottoms?

Answer: A Tortoise.

89. Question: How many layers of skin are there on a Chameleon?

Answer: Four.

90. Question: What organs do snakes use to smell?

Answer: Their tongues.

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91. Question: What is the other collective name of a kind cobra?

Answer: The Hamadryad.

92. Question: What is the major difference between an alligator, and a crocodile?

Answer: Their Snout.

93. Question: Are Reptiles cold-blooded, or warm-blooded?

Answer: Cold-Blooded.

94. Question: What type of reptiles are ridleys, and leatherbacks?

Answer: Turtles.

95. Question: Which reptile is able to change its body color?

Answer: A Chameleon.

96. Question: Which type of reptile can let go of their tail when faced with danger, and regrow them?

Answer: Lizards.

97. Question: What do we call the top of a Turtle’s shell?

Answer: Carapace

98. Question: Why do poisonous frogs have bright-colored skin?

Answer: To warn other animals from approaching them.

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99. Question: What do we call the transition from infancy to adulthood that every amphibian goes through?  

Answer: Metamorphosis.

100. Question: When do frogs croak?

Answer: During mating season to attract the opposite gender.

101. Question: How long can an Alaskan Wood Frog survive in ice without dying?

Answer: For roughly seven months.

102. Question: What do we call the larva stage of a Frog?

Answer: Tadpole.

103. Question: What is the largest frog on Earth?

Answer: Goliath Frog.

Easy Trivia Questions

In this section, we are taking a look at some easy animal trivia questions.

104. Question: How do frogs reproduce?

Answer: By laying eggs.

105. Question: Where do Axolotls live?

Answer: In the water.

106. Question: Which is the only Amphibian with a tail?

Answer: A Salamander.

107. Question: How many groups are Amphibians divided into?

Answer: Three.

108. Question: What do we call the frog with transculent skin?

Answer: A Glass Frog. Human beings can see right through their skin. Their bones, muscle, and all the organs inside its body are visible through the skin.

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109. Question: What do we call the dusky gopher frog?

Answer: The Mississippi gopher frog.

110. Question: When do frogs dance?

Answer: During the mating season.

111. Question: What do we call a group of frogs?

Answer: A colony, an army, or a knot.

112. Question: How far can frogs jump?

Answer: 20 times their body length.

113. Question: Where are the ears of a cricket?

Answer: On their knees.

114. Question: What type of butterflies migrate?

Answer: Monarchs.

115. Question: How much can an ant lift?

Answer: 5,000 times their body weight.

116. Question: What is the color of elephant hawk-moths?

Answer: Pink.

117. Question: How many eyes does a caterpillar have?

Answer: 12.

118. Question: Which animals form the largest groups?

Answer: Beetles.

119. Question: What do we call a newly hatched butterfly?

Answer: Beetles.

120. Question: How many legs do cockroaches have?

Answer: Six.

121. Question: What do we call fireflies?

Answer: Lighting bug.

122. Question: What is the life span of an average housefly?

Answer: 28 days.

Fun Animal Quiz

Below are some fun animal trivia questions that will get everyone excited.

123. Question: Which animal can turn its head completely?

Answer: Praying mantis.

124. Question: How many known species of Kangaroo Rat are there?

Answer: 20. They can jump as high as 2.7 meters.

125. Question: Where do Snow Leopards live?

Answer: They live at an altitude of 3,000-4,500 meters.

126. Question: Which type of insect produces a special kind of fabric?

Answer: Silkworm moths.

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127. Question: How fast do a bee’s wings beat per second?

Answer: 190 times a second.  

128. Question: For how long have dragonflies roamed planet Earth?

Answer: 300 million years.

129. Question: In all of Animal Kingdom, what is the loudest animal on Earth?

Answer: A Cicada.

130. Question: What living creature from Earth was sent into space for the first time?

Answer: Fruit Flies.

131. Question: How much can a horned dung beetle lift?

Answer: 1141 times its body weight

132. Question: How many variations are there on ladybugs?

Answer: 5,000.

133. Question: What is the fastest speed of Dracula Ants?

Answer: 90 meters a second.

134. Question: How many babies can a German cockroach produce in a year?

Answer: 30,000.

135. Question: What is the smallest insect?

Answer: Fairyflies.

136. Question: Which ant has the most painful sting?

Answer: Bullet ant.

137. Question: Flittermouse is an old English name for which mammal?

Answer: Bats.

138. Question: Pyrenean, fainting, and alpine are all breeds of which animal?

Answer: The Goat.

139. Question: How many types of venomous snakes are out there?

Answer: roughly 700 types.

140. Question: Camelopard is an old English name for which animal?

Answer: The Giraffe.  

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141. Question: How long does it take baby goats to start walking after they are born?

Answer: 1-2 minutes.

142. Question: Are male Swans larger than female Swans?

Answer: Yes.

143. Question: Saint Helena is the largest species of which order of insects?

Answer: Earwigs.

144. Question: What is the largest lizard on Earth?

Answer: Comodo Dragons.

145. Question: What is the tallest animal on Earth?

Answer: Giraffes, can grow up to 18 feet in height.

146. Questions: Where do Tasmanian Devils store most of their body fat?

Answer: Their tails. Tasmanian Devils can eat 40% of their body weight every single day.

147. Question: “Murder” is the collective noun for a group of which birds?

Answer: Crows

148. Question: What type of animal is a basenji?

Answer: Hunting Dogs.

149. Question: For how long does a Guinea Pigs sleep each day.

Answer: They sleep for 4 hours.

We hope you enjoyed the fun trivia questions above. We have many more fun quizzes in our blog so don’t forget to check them out.

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