70+ Fun and easy sitcom trivia questions with answers

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So, you love binge-watching TV so much? Why not test your general knowledge by participating in some sitcom trivia quiz. 

TV trivia questions can be fun to bond with family and friends, especially if you watch the same TV shows as your family. It is also a great way to test your TV knowledge. 

From classic sitcoms to your favorite television series, you’ll find here some excellent television trivia questions.

 You can use the questions below as part of indoor games, especially when the weather is cold out outside, and reminisce about your favorite shows. Go down memory lane as you have fun answering the sitcom trivia questions below. 

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Classic TV trivia question

Test yourself with these questions from classic tv shows; including both American tv shows and British tv shows:

  • Which television game show has been consecutively running for the longest time? – The price is right ( The show was first aired in 1972)
  • In which classic game show did contestants choose prizes hidden behind three doors? Monty Hall hosted the television show. – Let’s make a deal
  • Which 1965 Television show, named the worst television show ever, mainly featured a talking object? – My mother, the car.
  • What hit classic TV show propelled Ricky Nelson’s musical career as he performed at the end of each show? – The adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
  • Which television show was set in the 1880s on the Ponderosa ranch? – Bonanza
  • Which is the second most-watched television drama episode in TV history? Dallas (Who done it)
  • Which movie company set the ball rolling for soap operas by producing the first soap opera in 1930? – Procter & Gamble 
  • ‘Father knows best’ was a popular 50s sitcom. Which family was featured in the show? – Andersons

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  • Which L. A based show moved from radio to TV, hosted by Lucille Ball? – My favorite husband
  • In the first Batman TV series, who played the role of ‘the siren’? – Joan collins
  • In the show ‘I love Lucy,’ Ricky Ricardo was the emcee and leader of a New York nightclub? – Tropicana club
  • What was the original name of the Ed Sullivan show when it was first played in 1945? – Toast of the town
  • Bobby Rydell found his fame in which TV talent show? – TV Teen club by Paul Whiteman
  • The novel ‘Cyborg’ by Martin Caidin inspired the creation of which TV series? – The six million dollar man
  • What was the original name of the comedy show ‘The Phil Silvers Show’? – You’ll never get rich
  • After how many years on air did the show ‘My three sons’ come to an end in the spring of 1972? – 12 years
  •  Blair Underwood played the chief surgeon in the short-lived ” City of Angels.”What was the name of his character? – Dr. Ben Turner
  • In her super illustrious career, Denise Nicholas starred in three television series. ‘Baby, I’m back, ‘Room 222’, and ‘In the heat of the..’ – Night.
  • Name the Captain of the ‘ The love boat’ – Captain Merrill Stubing.
  • Which 1960s TV show is based on a blended family? – The Brady Bunch.

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TV trivia questions
  • Which show preceded the ‘Charlie’s Angels and paved the way for tv shows, like Charlie’s Angels, where women kick butt and take names? – Get Christie, love 
  • In Fawlty Towers, who plays the character of the waiter, ‘Manuel’? – Andrew Sachs
  • What was the name of the first episode of Fawlty Towers? – A touch of class

Black sitcom trivia questions

  • Which former ‘Good Times’ star featured in the movie and series, ‘Bustin loose’? – Jimmie ‘J.J’ Walker
  • In the hit 70s series, ‘the love boat,’ what was the character’s name played by Ted Lange? – Isaac, the bartender 
  • On the TV show ‘Good Times,’ Jimmie Walker’s famous saying is ‘Dy-no-mite!’. Ted Lange as ‘junior’ also had a popular line on the show’ That’s my mama.’ State the word that finishes his unique line: ‘ I got it, I got it, and I got to_ – report it
  • Which military comedy tried to follow in the footsteps of the famous television series ‘M*A*S*H,’ in 1972, but flopped. It starred Stu Gilliam and pre- ‘Saturday night live’ actor Garret Morris – Rollout.

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  • Bill Cosby is one of the most famous Hollywood comedians (besides the scandals). After starring in various movies and shows, such as ‘I spy,’ ‘Fat Albert’, and ‘The Cosby show .’He later decided to do a host show. What was the name of his first host show? – ‘The New Bill Cosby Show.’
  • In which show did the lead character have three cousins, namely Hillary, Carlton, and Ashley? – The fresh prince of Bel-air.
  • What is the name of Whitman Mayo’s show on his own, after being one of the cast members of the popular 70s hit show, ‘Sanford and Sons’? – Grady
  • In which popular TV series was Josiah Bartlet the President of the United States of America? – The west wing
  • Jay Leno appeared for the first time in which sitcom? – Good times
  • What is the sitcom’s name that gave Jada Pinkett Smith her first role? – A different world

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90s sitcom trivia questions with answers

  • In the TV show ‘Friends,’ the main characters would hang out at a Coffee shop. What was its name? – Central Perk
  • Which TV show featured Cylons as evil robots? – Battlestar Galactica
  • Apart from being a popular star on ‘Family matters, ‘Steve Urkel also made a guest appearance on which show? -Full house
  • How many times did the Mary Tyler Moore show win the Emmy award to become a record-breaker? 29
  • Name the person who was the first actor to be nominated for an Emmy award for three different sitcoms, playing the same character. – Kelsey Grammer
  • Which character suffered a bedwetting problem in the sitcom ‘Everybody loves Raymond? – Robert
  • Which sitcom was the longest-running show in the 1990s? – Friends

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friends trivia questions
  • In the 90s cartoon series, ‘Pinky and the Brain,’ who did the voice-over of the genius lab rat, ‘Brain’? – Maurice LaMarche
  • Which popular 90s television series involved Xander, Cordelia, Willow, and the main character, fighting evil forces in the world – Werewolves, Demons, Vampires – to make the world a better place? – Buffy the vampire slayer
  • In the popular television series ‘Roseanne,’ the family had a last name. What was it? – Conner
  • ‘ When I see their happy faces smiling back at me, I know there is no greater feeling…’ is a theme song which was made popular by which 90s TV show? – 7th Heaven
  • Which kids show featured these characters: Tinky Winky, La La, Dipsy, and Po? – Teletubbies
  • Baywatch was a popular series about lifeguards patrolling California and Los Angeles beaches. Who is famously known as the first Baywatch babe? – Pamela Anderson

2000s Sitcom trivia

  • After the success of ‘The Big Bang theory,’ a spinoff show was created about one of the characters in his childhood days. Who was the character? – Sheldon Cooper (Young Sheldon)
  • In the hit series ‘Desperate housewives, who played Gabrielle Solis? – Eva Longoria
  • Name the popular sitcom that featured Angus T Jones, Jon Cryer, and Charlie Sheen? – Two and a half men
  • Who were the two female lead characters in ‘Scrubs”s hospital sitcom? – Carla and Elliot
  • In the sitcom ‘Friends,’ who played Chandler Bing’? – Matthew Perry 

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  • Which Modern Family actor had the highest IQ (150) and was also a member of Mensa? – Nolan Gould
  • In Modern Family, Jay Pritchet learns which language to impress Gloria, his wife? – Spanish
  • In the sitcom Will & Grace, which won various awards, who played Will Truman? – Eric McCormack
  • Which titular character does Debra Messing play in a sitcom, and what is the sitcom’s name? – She plays Grace in Will and Grace
  • Malcolm in the middle graced our tv screens for how many years? – 6 years
  • Name the 2000s sitcom about four aliens who come to earth to explore. They live together and pretend to be a family. – 3rd rock from the sun

Easy sitcom trivia questions

  • Which is the longest-running TV program (other than NEWS) in American television history, with more than 15000 episodes running? – Guiding light
  • What was the first-ever TV show by Hanna and Barbera – Ruff and Ready
  • In which year did the first television drama air? – 1928
  • What is the full name of the acronym sitcom? – Situation Comedy
  • Which TV show holds the top spot in the IMDB top 250 list? – Breaking bad
  • Happy days had a total of how many aired episodes? – 255
  • Name the show that always asks this question, ‘ Who killed Laura Palmer?’ – Twin Peaks.
  • In 1968, Star Trek had a famous episode that involved a kiss between Uhura and Captain Kirk( the first inter-racial Kiss on TV). What was the episode? – Plato’s stepchildren
  • The hit TV series,’ one tree hill,’ was set in which fictional place? – Tree Hill, North Carolina

We hope you enjoyed the sitcom trivia questions above. How many questions could you answer? Share with us in the comment box below

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