How do you wave on Facebook Messenger? step by step guide

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Waving at someone before starting a Facebook chat is a fantastic way to welcome or start a new conversation with someone. If you’ve been using Facebook for a long time, then you might be familiar with the poke feature. The wave icon is a new feature added by Facebook also known as the hello button. You can use the familiar yellow hand icon on your mobile phone as well as on a desktop computer. In this article, we will show you how do you wave on Facebook.

What does it mean when someone waves at you on Facebook Live?

Using the Waving hand emoji on Facebook is another way of saying hello on the FB messenger app. It is a cool feature added by Facebook

Facebook added the wave emoji on messenger. Waving friends and family on Facebook means you want to talk to them. When someone gives you hand gestures, it clearly means they want to talk to you.

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The wave sign is the easiest way to initiate a conversation with someone on Facebook messenger.

How do you wave on Facebook Messenger (Mobile)?

Follow the simple steps below to use the wave hand feature on your mobile device:

1.    Open your Facebook messenger app on your mobile device.

2.    Log in to your Facebook account by providing the email address/phone number and password combination.

3.    Once you have logged in, you need now to find the people tab. You will find it at the bottom right of your screen in the chat tab

4.    Once the people tab has been opened, you will see which friends of yours are online or active.

5.    On the right side of their names, there will be the Facebook wave button.

6.    Tap on that wave option of the friend whom you want to converse with.

How to Wave Someone Using Facebook App?

If you are wondering how do you wave on Facebook using the app then follow the below steps:

1.    Log in to your Facebook mobile app using your username and password.

2.    Click the three horizontal lines.

3.    Open the messenger tab from the drop-down list.

4.    On the messenger app, go to the people section/tab

5.    A list of friends will appear. Go to the active tab

6.    Now Infront of each name, a grey wave will be displayed

7.    Tap on the wave button of the friend to whom you want to send the virtual Wave.

How do you wave on Facebook Using Your Desktop?

To Wave on Facebook using PC is simple and straightforward. Follow the easy steps below :

1.    Log in to your Facebook account using your username and password.

2.    Go to your home tab

3.    And navigate to your chat window on the right side of your screen.

4.    When you bring your cursor over your friends name, the wave symbol will appear.

5.    Click on it and wave at your friends

How To Send Back Wave on Facebook Messenger On Mobile?

Now that you know how to wave at someone on mobile and pc let us discuss how to wave back.

Follow the steps below to wave back to someone on Messenger :

1.    For this, you need to open the chat window of the friend you just waved to.

2.    You will see a message saying your friend is waving at you.

3.    Click on the “tap to wave back”.

How Do I Undo a Wave Sent On Facebook? 

Waved at the wrong person? Well, fortunately, you can always undo the Wave. Here is how you need to do it.

1.    Facebook gives you a limited period of 10 minutes to undo this process.

2 Open Messenger

3 Go to the chat of the friend whom you sent the Wave mistakenly

4.    Pres and hold till a little menu pop up

5.    From there, tap the remove button

6.    Then tap on remove for everyone.

7.    And voila, you have removed the Facebook wave mistake!

Can you wave to someone who is not your friend on Facebook?

You can wave at anyone who is on your contact list. All you need to do is open Facebook Messenger and find the friend’s name on your friends list.

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You can also wave at anyone you have chatted with before. For this, you’ll need to go to the contacts tab and see all your old and new contacts there. Click on the grey hand icon, and you have just waved at a person in your contact list.


We hope you know how to wave at someone on Facebook.

The wave feature is a new fun way to start a conversation with old friends or any Facebook friends.

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