80+ Cute & adorable pink team names that you will love

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Pink is one of the prettiest and most popular colors in existence. It’s so ubiquitous that it has a heavy presence in sports and other team scenarios. Using the color pink to represent your team is one thing. But if you want a name that reflects that, look no further than this list of pink team names.  

This article’s list of pink team names covers many scenarios, from pretty pink names to cute pink names to creative pink team names. 

Cute & adorable pink team names

Pretty pink team names

Pink is one of the prettiest colors in any palette, and the following pink team names perfectly capture that aspect of the color. If you want to reflect the attractive aesthetics of the color pink in your team name, the list below encapsulates that perfectly. 

  1. The Pink Bouquet
  2. Pink Princesses
  3. Pink Princes
  4. The Courtiers in Pink 
  5. Pink Flourishes
  6. Shades of Pink
  7. The Glittering Pinkies
  8. Pinker Than You
  9. Posh and Pink
  10. The Pink Posse
  11. Pink Flush
  12. The Pink Prestige
  13. The Pink Bayou
  14. Hot Pink
  15. In Orchid Pink
  16. Cotton Candy Pink
  17. Neon Pink Babies
  18. Pink Avalanche
  19. Pinky and the Besties
  20. The Radical Pink
  21. Pink Strawberries
  22. Pink Crystals
  23. The Glamorous Pinkies
  24. Dresscode: Pink
  25. Pink Andromeda
  26. Pink Pony Tails
  27. Pink Braids
  28. Magenta Madness
  29. Into The Pink
  30. Pink Fireworks

Funny pink team names

If you want to get a laugh out of your competitors or spectators while highlighting your pink aesthetic, look no further than the names below. 

  1. The Pink Henchmen
  2. Pink Brigade
  3. Pink Mates
  4. Pinking About You
  5. Could Be Pinker
  6. Warriors in Pink
  7. Pink is Our Passion
  8. The Pink Wave
  9. The Pink Plotters
  10. Pay Us In Pink
  11. You Just Got Pinked!
  12. Pink Blooded
  13. Pink Crazy
  14. Too Pink to Care
  15. Pinking You To Sleep
  16. The Pink Bomb Squad
  17. Pink Blasters
  18. The Pinky Swearers
  19. Bosses In Pink
  20. A Pink Letter Day
  21. Would That I Were Pink
  22. The Pink Blades
  23. The Pink Cavepeople
  24. We Only Eat Pink
  25. Fifty Shades of Pink
  26. Ultra Super Pink Parade
  27. Pink Whipped Cream
  28. Pink Tongues Only
  29. The Pink Coast
  30. Pink Me One More Time

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Cute pink names

If the cuteness factor is your priority, selecting cute pink names will suit you and your teammates perfectly.  

  1. The Pink Legion
  2. The Chicks in Pink
  3. All About Pink
  4. Pink Pussycats
  5. Pink Beauties
  6. Pink Stars
  7. The Pink Parade
  8. The Daughters Pink
  9. The Pink Fairies 
  10. The Pink Puppies
  11. Baby Pink
  12. Femme Fatales in Pink
  13. Pink Prima Donnas
  14. The Pink Sisterhood
  15. The Pink-haired Players
  16. Watermelon Pink
  17. The Pink Flash
  18. Pink Flickers
  19. Embers of Pink
  20. Pink Hearts
  21. Pink Bubbles
  22. Pink Stripes
  23. Pink Licious
  24. Pink Destiny
  25. Manifest Pink
  26. Pink-eyed Does
  27. The Pink Blitz
  28. Pink Chalices
  29. Proud in Pink
  30. The Pink Foxes

Good Pink team names

If you want to communicate just how good and competitive your pink team is off of the team name alone, look no further than this list of good pink team names. No matter the situation, these good pink team names will fit your team well. 

  1. The Pink Herd
  2. The Pink Slip
  3. Pink Domination
  4. The Amazonians in Pink
  5. The Pink Imperium
  6. The Pink Stampede
  7. Royal Pink
  8. The Pink Panthers
  9. Brilliant Pinkies
  10. The Pink Inquisition
  11. Pink Planet
  12. The Brothers Pink
  13. The Pink Brotherhood
  14. Pink Dragons
  15. Pink Butterflies
  16. Pink Dragonflies
  17. Pink Roses
  18. The Pink Panoply
  19. An Array of Pink
  20. The Pink Ray
pink team names

Creative pink team names

The following pink team names are some of the most creative of the whole bunch. Use these when you want to signal that your team has a creative edge or when these creative pink team names resonate with you. 

  1. Paint The Town Pink
  2. Pink Palazzo
  3. Pink Da Vincis
  4. There Will Be Pink
  5. A Study in Pink
  6. Pink Pepsi
  7. Turning Pink
  8. Pink Spectrum
  9. No Country For Pink Men
  10. Pinky Galore
  11. Pink Papayas
  12. Pink Oranges
  13. The Pink Flame
  14. The Deacons in Pink
  15. The Pink Beacon
  16. A Pink Promise
  17. The Pinky Prophesy
  18. The Pink League
  19. Pink Dolphins
  20. Hot Flash of Pink
  21. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink
  22. Vicious in Pink
  23. Pink Repellant
  24. Pink About It
  25. Colors in Pink
  26. Pink Trekkers
  27. Pink Lightning
  28. Pink Crystal Flowers
  29. Pink Fandango
  30. The Pink Ballet

Cool pink team names

When thinking of cool colors, something other than pink is typically a color that would come up first. However, the following pink team names demonstrate that pink can be just as cool as any other color when given a chance. 

  1. The Pink Poppas
  2. Pink Plaza
  3. The Pink Pantry
  4. Everything in Pink
  5. The Pink Coven
  6. Passion for Pink
  7. The Pink Raiders
  8. Pink Riders
  9. From Purple to Pink
  10. And It Was All Pink
  11. Pink Warriors
  12. Think Pink
  13. Pink Think Tank
  14. In Cold Pink
  15. The Charming Pinkies
  16. The Big Pink
  17. The Pinky Way
  18. Pink Universe
  19. The pink Cosmos
  20. Pink Flamingos
  21. The Pink Eagles
  22. Pink Sharks
  23. The Pink Mystics
  24. The Pink Blobs
  25. Pink Rocket
  26. Pink Camouflage
  27. Pink As I Say
  28. Pink Angels
  29. Pink Cherubs
  30. Medium Rare Pink

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