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Trivia is a fun way to get the family together. However, it can be hard to find a list of fun trivia questions that will appeal to everyone. Hence, we created fun trivia categories of questions and answers that can be suitable for all family members.

Trivia can be a good way to teach children about many topics while bonding with the family and it can also be a good team building activity.

Find out if they can guess the correct answers and test their trivia knowledge using the list of trivia questions below .

We also included some questions from most of the trivia categories to give you an idea of the type of questions that can be asked from each category.

rivia categories questions and answers

1. Movies & TV Trivia

Get your family and kids to answer questions from movies or TV shows they have seen. You can ask questions from popular movies like Star Wars, Game of thrones, Frozen, or any other Disney movies.

Movie trivia categories can be a lot of fun, especially when asking questions about the actors involved in the movie.

2. Music Trivia

If your kids like to listen to music then quiz them on their favorite song.

Music trivia categories questions and answers involve asking children about the artist and name of songs.

You can even make it challenging by questioning them more on the album of the song and the meaning of the song.

3. Video game trivia

If your child is a gamer then this will be the perfect quiz for them.

Ask them questions about the video games they like to play. Most children will be surprised how much they actually don’t know about their favorite video game.

video game trivia questions

4. Sports Trivia

This is one of the most exciting trivia categories questions and answers. This would involve asking them about their favorite sport.

You can even make it challenging by asking them questions about the Olympics, Wimbledon, grand slam titles and other major sporting events.

Example question : Where was the first Fifa world cup held?

5. Science Trivia

This is a favorite trivia categories questions and answers.

There are endless science trivia categories. You can divide it based on biology, physics, chemistry, and more.

6. Disney and Cartoon Trivia

You cannot go wrong in this trivia category. Every child loves Disney movies.

From Snow white, Frozen to Cinderella and more. There’s plenty of questions to keep children entertained and involved in the trivia.

Disney trivia questions

7. Animals trivia categories

Animals trivia categories will teach children about different type animal.

8. Food trivia

This trivia category will teach you about different cuisine from around the world.

Learn about the ingredients that go into your food.

9. Funny trivia

Funny trivia consists of random trivia questions from different categories that will make you laugh.

It is a great way to making them laugh while teaching them about some fun facts.

10. Geography trivia

What better way to teach children about the world than geography trivia.

Take them for a virtual tour around the world using geography trivia.

Geography trivia categories are a great way to explore different cities and cultures.

Example of geography trivia questions:

1. Nname the longest river in the world

2. What is the Smallest US state?

3. Where can the Grand Canyon be found?

5. In which city is the statue of liberty located?

6. How many colors are there in the American flag?

7. Where is the great pyramid of Giza located?

8. Where is angel falls located?

9. How many time zones are there in Indonesia?

11. Novel trivia

Novel trivia categories might not be suitable for young children. Older children that read novels will enjoy this trivia category.

For instance, asking them about books written by William Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling and more.

Example of question : Name 5 Shakespeare’s play

12. Maths Trivia

Whether your kids are good in Maths or not, this trivia category will definitely get their attention.

Questions do not need to be hard. You can make it interesting by asking simple questions.

Kids who are not good at maths may feel intimidated by this trivia category. But by making it simple you can get them involved in the quiz.

13. Family trivia

How much do you know about your family members? This trivia category questions and answers will be the best way to test your knowledge of each family member including your family history.

14. Guess the brand trivia

If you are someone who likes to shop then you will definitely enjoy this trivia category.

You can show the logos of different brands and ask each participant to guess which brand does the logo belongs to.

15. History trivia questions

History trivia questions is the best way to teach children about the history of their country. They can go back in time and learn about the past and ancient history.

Questions would be like ” Name the first American President”.

Examples of trivia categories questions and answers :

Below are some popular trivia questions

Star wars Movie trivia categories questions and answers:

You’ve watched the movie, now test your knowledge of it.

Have fun answering these questions. Good luck!

  1. Question: What sport does Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) mention that he is skilled in?

Answer: Foosball/table football Question:

2. What color lightsaber does Darth Maul use?

Answer: Red

3. Question: Which character kills Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) in Episode 1?

Answer: Darth Maul Question:

4. How tall is R2D2?

Answer: 1.1 M

5. Question: At which planet’s surface will the rebel alliance find hoth?

Answer: Hoth

6. Question: Which planet does the Millennium Falcon belong to?

Answer: Corellia

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friends trivia questions

7. Question: What is Han Solo’s nickname for Chewbacca? Answer: Bear/Bruin

8. Question: Who is the main character of Episode 5? Answer: Luke Skywalker

9. Question: What is Hans Solo’s nickname for Chewbacca? Answer: Bear/Bruin

10. Question: The most common form of TIE fighter was piloted by which Empire official?

Answer: Grand Admiral Thrawn

11. Question: Which member of the rebel alliance dressed up as a bounty hunter and killed an imperial in order to allow Luke Skywalker and Leia to board droideka’s ship?

Answer: Nien Nunb

12. Question: Yoda’s species are portrayed by which actor?

Answer: Frank Oz

13. Question: What is the name of the planet that possesses the only known Jedi temple after Order 66 was executed?

Answer: Coruscant

13. Question: How many clone troopers does Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) kill in Episode 3 during a fight with young Boba Fett ?

Answer: 2

14. Question: What is the name of the planet where Anakin Skywalker and Padmé fall in love?

Answer: Naboo

15. Question: Which was not one of the members of Yoda’s species that appeared in Episode 3 as a member of the Jedi council?

Answer: Kit Fisto

16. Question: Who is the only character in the Star Wars trilogy that has blond hair?

Answer: Jango Fett

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TV trivia questions

17. Question: What was the last name of Princess Leia’s adoptive father?

Answer: Organa

18. Question: Who is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s master? Answer: Yoda

19. Question: Which clone trooper doesn’t follow order 66 and later dies in the Star Wars Episode 3?

Answer: CT-5555 “Fives”

20. Question: Who is Anakin’s mother?

Answer: Shmi Skywalker

21. Question: What was Boba Fett’s father called?

Answer: Jango Fett

22. Question: Which bounty hunter did not survive a fight with Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker? Answer: Zam Wesell

23. Question: Who is the senator who tries to rescue Padmé Amidala from the Geonosians?

Answer: Bail Organa

24. Question: Which army did not use clone troopers in Episode 3?

Answer: Separatists/CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems)

25. Question: What was not one of the Jedi who were killed by clone troopers during Order 66?

Answer: Ki-Adi Mundi

26. Question: Which character shot themself and injured Darth Sidious in Episode 4? Answer: Han Solo (disguised as a bounty hunter)

28. Question: What happened to Anakin Skywalker after he was hit by the Emperor in Episode 3? Answer: He turned into Darth Vader

32. Question: Darth Vader is Luke’s father, what was Darth Vader’s father called?

Answer: Anakin Skywalker

33. Question: Which Jedi is the master of both Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Answer: Yoda

34. Question: Where was Darth Sidious born? Answer: Naboo

36. Question: Who is the senator who tries to rescue Padmé Amidala from the Geonosians? Answer: Bail Organa

37. Question: Which army did not use clone troopers in Episode 3? Answer: Separatists/CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems)

38. Question: Who is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s master? Answer: Yoda

39. Question: What substance did Luke drink to become taller? Answer: Natto

41. Question: Who created C-3PO?

Answer: Anakin Skywalker (as Qui-Gon Jinn)

Music trivia category questions with answers

  1. Question: What was Ringo Starr’s real name? Answer: Richard Starkey

2. Question: What band did Kurt Cobain (frontman of Nirvana) found? Answer: “Nirvana”

3. Question: Which band did John Lennon and Paul McCartney play in before forming The Beatles? Answer: “The Quarrymen”

4. Question: What is the name of the lead singer of Coldplay? Answer: Chris Martin

5. Question: Who was not one of the members of the band “The Police”? Answer: Stewart Copeland, Sting (born Gordon Sumner)

6. Question: Which was not one of the members of the group “Linkin Park”? Answer: Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson

7. Question: Who is the lead singer of Fall Out Boy? Answer: Patrick Stump

8. Question: Who is the lead singer of Journey? Answer: Steve Perry

Sports trivia category questions with answers

  1. Question: What was the name of the football stadium in Liverpool before it was rebuilt? Answer: Anfield

2 Question: Who is the goalie of FC Barcelona? Answer: Victor Valdes

3. Question: Who is Real Madrid’s main striker? Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro)

4. Question: What football club did David Beckham play for at some time in his career? Answer: Los Angeles Galaxy, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and São Paulo FC

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Science trivia categorywith answers

  1. Question: Can you name two elements whose symbol ends with “ine”? Answer: Argon and chlorine

2. Question: Which is the chemical symbol of titanium? Answer: Ti

3. Question: What is the chemical symbol for lithium? Answer: Li

4. Question: The sun’s mass is approximately ___ times that of Earth. Answer: 333,000

5. Question: What is the chemical symbol for potassium? Answer: K

6. Question: Which element has a color range from bright silver-white to steel gray?  Answer: Zinc

7. Question: In what year was Archimedes born? Answer: 287 BC

8. Question: What is the chemical symbol for iron? Answer: Fe

9. Question: Which element was discovered by Humphry Davy in 1799? Answer: Potassium

10. Question: Which of these elements has a melting point above 600 degrees Celsius?  Answer: Sodium

11. Question: Helium was first isolated from which gas?  Answer: Air

12. Question : What element is believed to be able to clean up radioactive waste? Answer : Thorium (Thor)

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Novel trivia quiz with answers

  1. Question : In which novel is the following characters mentioned: Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape and Remus Lupin?

Answer : Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

2. Question : Where is Bella from in the Twilight series? Answer : Forks, Washington

3. Question : Which actress played Bella Swan in the Twilight movie franchise?  Answer : Kristen Stewart

4. Question: Where does Edward Cullen live during his early childhood (before he became a vampire)? Answer: Volterra, Italy

5. Question : What is the name of Edward Cullen’s vampire clan? A

nswer : Cullen family

6. Question: In which Harry Potter novel do we find Professor Gilderoy Lockhart? 

Answer : Chamber of Secrets

Animal trivia category questions with answers

  1. Question: In what year was the African elephant declared endangered and why?

Answer :  1987 – because of extensive poaching

2. Question:  What is the scientific name of the African elephant?

Answer : Loxodonta africana

3. Question: What is the scientific name of the Asian elephant?

Answer : Elephas maximus  

4. Question:   What are the two types of elephants identified by their skin color?  

Answer : African bush and African forest

5. Question:   What does it mean if an elephant’s trunk is curved downward?

Answer : It’s an indication that the elephant is angry

6. Question:   What does it mean if an elephant’s trunk is curved upward?

Answer : It’s an indication that the elephant is relaxed and has no intention of charging.

7. Question:   What color skin do African forest elephants have? 

Answer : Dark grey to brownish-gray with white toenails

8. Question:   What color skin do African bush elephants have? 

Answer : Light gray with pink to reddish-brown tusks

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9. Question:   Where do elephants in general live?  

Answer : Most species are native to Africa and Asia, but they can be found in Southern Europe (Iberian Peninsula) and Asia Minor up to Iran. 

10. Question:   What is the scientific name of the elephant shrew?

Answer : Elephantulus

Olympic trivia category questions and answers

  1. Question: What year was the first modern Olympiad?

Answer: 1896 in Athens, Greece

2. Question:  What were the names of the first gold medal winners?  

Answer : The marathon runners from Greece Spyros Louis, and Sotirios Roussimos; John Pius Bolger ran for both Ireland and New Zealand

3. Question:   Who won the most medals at one Summer Olympics?   

Answer : Larisa Latynina with 18 medals (9 Gold) by winning 9 individual events across 3 Olympics (1956 – 1964) In total she won 7 golds which is a record for an athlete in one Olympiad

4. Question:   What is the Olympic mascot named after? 

Answer : Mascots were originally meant to bring good luck and  charm. They were used in ancient times especially animals like bears, bulls, lions, eagles etc . The mascots at the Olympics represent this idea of bringing good luck. The various Olympic mascots mainly portray cartoon-like creatures that represent human characteristics such as courage or friendship .

I 9. Question:   Who was the first Paralympic champion in 1980?     Answer : Arnim Zola from East Germany won the slalom event in alpine skiing in his leg prosthesis

10. Question: Where did Women’s gymnastics get introduced for the first time?  Answer : Stockholm, Sweden in 1912

11. Question: How many times has the Olympics been cancelled and why?   Answer : The Olympics were cancelled due to World War I from 1916 to 1919 . It also happened due to World War II in 1940 to 1944. And finally, the Summer Games was boycotted in 1980 because of Moscow’s invasion of Afghanistan.

12. Question:   Which country has won more medals than anyone else at the Olympic Games?     Answer : USA with 2865 gold medals till date (1904 – 2016)

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13. Question: What is a record time for pole vaulting over a lower bar set higher than normal?

Answer : Yelena Isinbayeva jumped over 6 feet 5 inches at Beijing 2008 Olympics.

14. Question:   Who won the first ever sprinting gold in 1896? 

Answer : It was American Thomas Burke who won the 100-meter dash and also ended up with a bronze medal in 200 meters race.

15. Question: Why were cots placed at every 5th meter during marathon races?

Answer : The cots were meant for runners to take rest after their fatigue made them weak, it helped them recover because of losing water while sweating too much which dehydrated them .

16. Question: Who is considered as the founder of modern Olympics?

Answer : Baron Pierre de Coubertin is credited as an architect of modern Olympic Games. In 1892 he founded International Olympic Committee (IOC) with addition of 9 sports along with 26 disciplines

17. Question: Who was the first American to win gold in boxing?  

Answer : Peter Maher from the United States won a gold medal in bantamweight category at 1904 Olympics. He also made it in semifinals of featherweight category and won bronze medals in other two events for which he participated

18. Question: What is the color of the Olympic flame when not burning?  

Answer : The colors are blue (leaping bonfire), yellow (the sun, God’s gift of life) and red (blood spilled for freedom). When carried through the streets during relays, it is usually blue or green. 

19. Question:What is another name for torch relay?  

Answer : Sustainability relay

20. Question: Why do they say ‘Refusing to lose’? 

Answer : Refusing to lose is a phrase that was used by American athlete Jim Thorpe when he was disqualified for having an amateur status.

21. Question:   What is the name of Steve Redgrave’s boat in 5 consecutive wins at Henley Royal Regatta?

Answer : The name of his boat was “Black Mist” which stands for defeat of 5 potential challengers over the years.  He won his first victory in 1986 and went on till 1989. In 1993-1995 he won again, then 1998 and 2000, thus making it 5 times in a row.

22. Question:   Who recently broke Sergey Bubka’s pole vault record?  

Answer : Renaud Lavillenie from France set new world record of 6.16 meters in 2014


We hope you have enjoyed the different trivia categories questions and answers above.

You can use the questions above as part of your trivia virtual games or for a game night.

Have fun exploring the questions and good luck answering them !

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