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TV trivia questions are a fun way to get everyone involved in a quiz. It also makes a good party game. Almost everyone loves watching tv.

The television trivia below covers a range of subjects from artist names, produces, American tv shows, British TV shows, and many more.

The TV show trivia questions will test your knowledge of your favorite television shows and other popular TV sitcoms.

From Big Bang Theory to Charlie’s Angels, we have all the classic tv shows covered in the TV trivia questions below.

Test your TV knowledge by answering the TV trivia questions below.

Funny TV trivia questions

If you are a fan of comedy TV shows then the TV trivia questions below will test your knowledge on funny TV shows.

  1. Question: Which television Sit-com series premiered in 1998 featuring Dr. Harry Weston?

Answer: Empty Nest

2. Question: What was the most watched television show in History when it screened in my 1993?

Answer: Final Episode of Cheers.

3. Question: What was the name of the father in All in the Family?

Answer: Archie Bunker

4. Question: What was Steve Harvey’s first-ever television show?

Answer: Family Feud

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5. Question: What year was the final episode of The Proud Family?

Answer: 2005

6. Question: Which company has won the most Oscar academy award ?

Answer : Walt Disney

7. Question: What was Penny, Beebe and Cece’s grandmother nicknamed in the ‘The Proud Family’

Answer: Sugar Mama

8. Question: In what year was ‘Pocahontas’ animated adventure musical romantic historical drama film released?

Answer: 1995

9. Question: Which comedy special was watched by over 16 million people on Christmas Day in 2019?

Answer: Gavin and Stacey

10. Question: Who is the longest serving artist in Doctor Television series?

Answer: Adrian Lewis Morgan- Jimi Clay

11. Question: James Bond novel was published in what year and what was it called?

Answer: Published in 1953, titled the Casino Royale.

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12. Question: How does a television receive air signals?

Answer: Through Antennae

Classic TV trivia questions

If you like old movies then try answering the classic TV trivia classic questions below. :

13. Question: In Tom and Jerry, what was Tom’s original name?

Answer: Jasper

14. Question: What was Phantom in Zorro’s life?

Answer: His Horse

15. Question: Troy McClure features in which cartoon series?

Answer: The Simpsons

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16. Question: In which television show did Sargent Bosco feature?

Answer: The A team

17. Question: Where did Buffy the Vampire Slayer take place?

Answer: Sunnydale

18. Question : How many seasons are there in Beverly Hills?

Answer : 10 season

19. Question: What percentage of American teens is said to have televisions in their rooms?

Answer: Seventy Percent

20. Question : Captain Kirk is found in which movie?

Answer : Star Trek

21. Question : What is the name is George Clooney?

Answer : Amal Clooney

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22. Question: Who is the witch doctor that treated Samantha in the television show, Bewitched?

Answer: Doctor Bombay

23. Question: In what episode of Star Trek did William Shatner, against his will kiss an equally willing Nichelle Nichols?

Answer: Plato’s Stepchildren

24. Question: Which award did Harry Morgan win on the comedy series ‘M*A*S*H’?

Answer: Emmy Awar

25. Question: What was Joanie Cunningham older brother’s name who disappeared after the first season of Happy Days?

Answer: Chuck

26. Question: What is the name of the character played by Arthur Brough in the sitcom-Are You Being Served”?

Answer: Ernest Grainger

27. Question: Who was the host for “Take your Pick”?

Answer: Michael Miles

28. Question: What role did actor Ballard Berkeley play in “Faulty Towers”

Answer: Major Gowen

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29. Question: Which game show was hosted by Jim Bowen?

Answer: Bullseye

30. Question: What Television series was Bob and Terry famously known for?

Answer: The Likely Lads

31. Question: What was the name of the monkey on “Supercar” called?

Answer: Mitch

32. Question: What was “The Prisoner” the sequel to?

Answer: Danger Man

33. Question: In which year did “The Bold and the Beautiful” premier?

Answer: 1987

34. Question: Which successful actor made one of his first television appearances in the series, playing Adam, youngest so of Ben Parkinson?

Answer: Nicholas Lyndhurst

35. Question: What was Virginian’s real name?

Answer: Festus Fagin

36. Question: Which movie star introduced the first episode of ‘Gun smoke’?

Answer: John Wayne

37. Question: Which is the longest running daytime Soap opera?

Answer: Days of our Lives

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38. Question: In what year was the first episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You At played?

Answer: September 13, 1969

39. Question: Who shot J.R?

Answer: Kristin Shepard

40. Question: Which program had a prize of a Pen and check book?

Answer: Blankety Blank

41. Question: What was Ken Barlow first wife’s name in “Coronation Street” television series?

Answer: Valarie Tatlock

42. Question: Which comedy duo had characters known The Management?

Answer: Hale and Pace

43. Question: President Richard Nixon featured on episode of what variety show?

Answer: Saturday Night Live

44. Question: During the 40s, on what night of the week did Milton Barley show air?

Answer: Tuesday

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45. Question: Who was the producer of the Beverly Hillbillies?

Answer: Paul Henning

46. Question: What television series was based on the novel Cyborg by Martin Caiden?

Answer: The Six Million Dollar Man

47. Question: For how long did ‘My Three Sons’ run on air?

Answer: Twelve Years

48. Question: Which Television series had the catchphrase ‘Kookie, Kookie’ lend me my Cup?

Answer: 77 Sunset Strip

Multiple choice TV quiz

49. Question: What television show first aired the sound of a toilet flush?

All in the family

The Cosby Show

Family Feud

The Adams Family

Answer: All in the Family

50. Question: What role did Floyd Lawson hold in the Griffith Show?

Town addict




Answer: Barber

51. Question: What was the name of the Android on the Star Trek Show?


Commander Data



Answer: Commander Data

52. Question: Which year was the first episode of the Simpsons released?





Answer: 1989

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53. Question: What Data’s daughter name on Star Trek?





Answer: Lal

54. Question: Which is the last surviving dragon in Game of Thrones?





Answer: Drogon

55. Question: What colors is the Brady Bunch kitchen?

      White and Pink

Green and Orange

Yellow and Red

Blue and Black

Answer: Green appliances and Orange laminated countertops

56. Question: Which movies was incorrectly announced to be the winner of Best Picture at the Academy Awards, 2017?

Hell or High water

Hidden Pictures

La la Land


Answer: La la Land

57. Question: Who played the Joker’s role in the joker movie 2019?

Jared Leto

Joaquin Phoenix

Heath Ledger

Nick Cannon

Answer: Joaquin Phoenix

Easy TV trivia questions

Below are some easy TV trivia questions that most people can answer.

58. Question: Who is the host in the Fear Factor TV Show?

Answer: Joe Rogan

59. Question: Which insect was the name of Theo’s friend in The Cosby Show?

Answer: Cockroach

60. Question: How many friends are there in Friends?

Answer: Six

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61. Question: Who are the main characters in The Game of Thrones?

Answer: Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister.

62. Question: What headliner happened in the first episode of Games of Thrones?

Answer: The Battle of Winterfell

63. Question: How many episodes are in the Amazing race?

Answer: 343 episodes

64. Question: Who were the winners of the last Amazing Race show that premiered in 2020?

Answer: James Wallington and Will Jardell

65. Question: In which show did Laverne and Shirley first show up?

Answer: Happy Days

66. Question: Who created the character Clem Kadiddlehopper?

Answer: Red Skelton

67. Question: In what year did Modern Family first premier?

Answer: September 23rd, 2009

68. Question: How many episodes does Modern Family have?

Answer: 250 episodes

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69. Question: What is The “Kiss movie” famously known for?

Answer: It had the first ever-kissing scene. It premiered in 1896.

70. Question: Who are the main characters in the Andy Griffith Show?

Answer: Barbey Fife, Opie Taylor and Aunt Bee.

 71. Question: What was Michael Knight’s car name In the Knight Rider?

Answer: Kit

72. Question: Game of Thrones is based on which Author’s novel story?

Answer: George R.R. Martin

73. Question: Which Disney Channel Series made Miley Cyrus famous?

Answer: Hannah Montana

74. Question: What was the first science-fiction series to air on TV?

Answer: Captain Video and his Video Stanger’s.

75. Question: What is Hans Zimmer famously known for?

Answer: He is known for making ABC news signature theme song.

76. Question: Which 1960s TV show featured a talking horse?

Answer: Mister Ed

77. Question: What was the first ever TV advertisement to be aired?

Answer: Bulova watches commercial.

78. Question: Who is the writer of the Family Guy series?

Answer: Seth MacFarlane

79. Question: What was the first Soap opera to air on TV?

Answer: Coronation Street

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80. Question: What was the first television action show?

Answer: Pilot. Aired on 16 September 1999

81. Question: Which is the longest running television series in history?

Answer: The Simpsons

82. Question: Which super model is best known for hosting the Americas Next Top Model Show?

Answer: Tyra Banks

83. Question: What TV series featured a science fiction vampire hunter?

Answer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

84. Question: Chadwick Bozeman is known for featuring in which action/adventure film?

Answer: Black Panther

85. Question: Which show portrays nurses and doctors in an emergency clinical setup?

Answer: E.R

86. Question: Black Panther is known globally for what slogan?

Answer: Wakanda Forever

87. Question: How awards has “Cheers ” television series won?

Answer: 28 awards and 117 nominations

88. Question: Who is Phil Keoghan?

Answer: Amazing Race Show Host

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89. Question: Which TV Show is known for giving random gifts to its audiences?

Answer: The Oprah Winfrey Show

90. Question: How many seasons and episodes of the South Park have been aired on television?

Answer: 26 seasons and more than 309 episodes.

91. Question: Kathleen Turner featured on which famous Showtime series?

Answer: Carli fornication

92. Question: How many seasons of charmed are there?

Answer: 8

93. Question: Who wrote the theme song for Friends?

Answer: Michael Scoff, Alee Willis and David Crane.

 Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

94. Question: What is Harry Potter’s pet?

Answer: An owl called Hedwig

95. Question: Who was Harry Potter’s best friend’s name?

Answer: Ron Weasley

96. Question: How many staircases were in the Magical castle of Hogwarts?

Answer: 142 staircases.

97. Question: What are the four Hogwarts houses?

Answer: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Raven claw and Slytherin

98. Question: How are students grouped into their houses?

Answer: The Sorting Hat

99. Question: In which house was Harry placed in?

Answer: The Gryffindor House

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100. Question: Who was Harry female best friend?

Answer: Hermione Granger

101. Question: How did Harry Potter get the scar on his forehead?

Answer: By the Killing Curse cast by Lord Voldemort’s in an attempt to kill him.

102. Question: When is Harrys Birthday?

Answer: 31ST of July.

103. Question: Where did Harry live in the Muggle World?

Answer: Number 4 Privet drive, Little Winging.

104. Question: Which artist played the role of Ron Weasley?

Answer: Rupert Grint

105. Question: What are Ron’s parents’ names

Answer: Arthur and Molly Weasley

106. Question: How did Hermione die?

Answer: She was attacked by a Mountain troll and later died of her injuries.

107. Question: What kind of animal can Harry speak to?

Answer: A snake

108. Question: Who killed Dobby?

Answer: Bellatrix Lestrane. He killed him by throwing a knife at him.

109. Question: What name was the Killing curse called ?

Answer: Avada Kedavra

110. Question: Who was Harry’s first crush?

Answer: Cho Chang

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111. Question: How was Sirius Black related to Harry?

Answer: He was his Godfather

112. Question: What number of focuses did one get for getting score in a round of Quidditch?

Answer: 150

113. Question: How many brothers did Ron have?

Answer: Five

114. Question: From what tenet did students catch the Hogwarts Express?

Answer: Three and nine quarters.

115. Question: From which store did Harry get his magic wand?

Answer: Ollivanders

116. Question: Which artist played Hermione’s character role?

Answer: Emma Watson

117. Question: What were the names of the three Perevell brothers?

Answer: Cadmus, Ignotus and Antioch

118. Question: What magic spell was used to invoke the dark mark?

Answer: Morsmorde

119. Question: Which animal did James Potter transfigure into?

Answer: A Stag

120. Question: Draco Malfoy killed Albus Dumbledore. True or False?

Answer: False

121. Question: George Wesley lost his left ear. True or False?

Answer: True

122. Question: Who handed Harry Potter Firebolt broomstick?

Answer: Sirius Black

123. Question: Which magical-creature pulled Hogwarts carriages?

Answer: Thestrals

124. Question: In order of value, what are the three type of wizard coins?

Answer: Knut, Sickle and Galleon

We hope you enjoyed the TV trivia questions above. Which is your favorite question?

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