5 Activities That Promote Grit and Resilience in Children

Angela Duckworth defines grit as “Passion and perseverance towards long term goal.” On the other hand, resilience is bouncing back after a challenging situation.

Thus, having grit and being resilient is what propels us to greatness, not just in our lives but those around us. Young children need to be taught how to persevere in times of challenges.

Teaching your child to be resilient and to live a life full of passion will guarantee them an experience of success.

Related : You should also encourage them to eat organic foods for a healthy life. Organic baby food is essential for healthy development, just like grit and resilience are essential for a healthy life.

Here are five activities that promote grit and resilience in children that you should try:

  1. Finding a Purpose

Your child needs a purpose to live a life of fulfillment. According to researchers, children are likely to perform well when they believe they have a purpose of fulfilling.

As a parent or guardian, you have to teach your child to develop or find his/her purpose. One of the ways of doing that is by asking them about their goals.

What do they plan on achieving when they grow up? Does he/she want to be a doctor, writer, or something else? If your kid is younger, use a visualization board, which is a more engaging approach. The board will help them come up with positive images about their future.

Once they have made up their minds, help them set up short term goals that lead toward the ultimate goal.

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  1. Story Telling

There is nothing as motivating as stories of “from grass to grace,” particularly from famous people. If your child has someone, he/she looks up to, share some of their challenges and how they made it. If he/she is a fan of harry potter, share J.K. Rolling’s story of how she overcame her challenges.

When your child identifies with someone they respect, they are going to work hard to overcome their challenges.


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  1. Ask Them What They Find Challenging

Promoting grit and resilience involves identifying the challenges in your child’s life. Ask them what they find hard in their life.

Then ask them why they think it’s hard and what they can do about it. If they can point out the hard part of their lives, they will most certainly come up with a possible solution.

You can suggest for them to break the challenge into small parts that are manageable but don’t give them answers. According to Lauren Tamm, a parenting blogger, it is best not to give your child answers to their problems. However, it is okay to guide them in identifying the challenge.

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  1. Conducting Interviews

Please encourage your child to conduct interviews on adults that have a positive view; this will help them to be optimistic.

Ask them to interview successful people around them; they will be able to learn how to live a fulfilled life.

  1. Share Some of Your Passions

Please encourage your child to step out of their comfort zones and face the world like how you have done.

Please share some of your passions and how they have helped build you. Don’t let it be about parenting; let them see the fun part of your life. When he/she views this, they will also be encouraged to develop their passion.


Encouraging them to conduct interviews point the hard part in their lives, and to find a purpose. Also, share some of the stories of famous people and how they managed to overcome their challenges. Doing that will promote grit and resilience in their lives for them to live a happy life.


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