79 Fun fashion trivia questions and answers

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Do you believe that you have immense knowledge about the fashion industry? The fashion trivia questions below will test how much you know about the latest trends.

You can use the fashion questions below as an ice breaker session or even during birthday parties.

The ultimate fashion quiz below will prove if you genuinely know about the designers or brands you admire.

Fashion trivia

Fun fashion trivia

The fun fashion trivia below will test your basic knowledge about the fashion industry—plenty of questions related to fashion shows and trends.

  1. Name the fashion designer of the 70s who made the wrap dress famous.

      Diane Von Furstenberg

2. Which male musical artist was the first to appear on the cover of Vogue?

  Harry Styles

3. Who was the original target customer of the blue pair of jeans?


4. Which fashion item is associated with red-soled shoes?

 Christian Louboutin

5. When Humphrey Bogart was in Casablanca, what type of hat is he most remembered for wearing?


6. Name the famous fashion brand with a polo player as its logo.

  Ralph Lauren

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7. What is Nike’s famous slogan?

  Just do it

9. In 1957, which 21-year-old French designer replaced Christian Dior and became the head of the House of Dior?

  Yves Saint Laurent

10. Bob Marley’s ‘Is this love’ music video has a famous supermodel aged seven at the time. What is her name?

   Naomi Campbell

11. State the main difference between a Poncho and a Cape.

  A cape is put around the shoulders, while a poncho has a hole for the head.

12. Who is the designer of a boot sharing a name with an animal with a unique armored shell?

 Alexander McQueen – Armadillo boot

13. The fashion brand H&M was founded in which European country?


14. In which county did the word ‘pajama’ originate?                      

             India – meaning loose trousers.

15. In the 1990s, there were ‘big five’ supermodels. Name two.

Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista

16. Name the place where the first fashion week was held.

  New York – 1943

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17. Which famous queen wore a white wedding dress, thereby popularizing the trend for brides to wear white dresses?

  Queen Victoria

18. Which actress from France played the role of Coco Chanel in the 2009 movie ‘Coco before Chanel.’

  Audrey Tautou

19. What is a Sirwal?

 A Virtual is a type of clothing donned in Persia and the near east. A variety of pants that is loose and very baggy.

20. What is the oldest luxury fashion house that is still in operation?

  Hermès – Found in 1837

21. In 1921, Coco Chanel launched its first perfume. What was its name?

 Chanel Number 5

22. In the Sex and the City series, who is Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoe designer?

 Manolo Blahnik

23. Who is the character, Miranda Priestly, from the film The Devil wears Priestly thought to be based upon?

  Anna Wintour

24. In the popular Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which designer made the Iconic little black dress for Audrey Hepburn?


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25. The famous brand DKNY is initial. What does it stand for?

 Donna Karan New York

26. Which Hollywood actress was the Hermes Kelly bag named after?

Grace Kelly

 Here are some more exciting fashion trivia that you can challenge yourself with, enjoy during zoom dates, or even when you are bonding in a peaceful family time until you get tired with a bit of quiz fatigue.

 Easy fashion trivia questions and answers

27. Who is the famous fashion designer shot and killed in the United States state of Miami, Florida, in 1997?

Gianni Versace

 28. What is the name of the women’s shorts cut with full legs to resemble a skirt?


 29. The Met Gala was postponed in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. What was the theme supposed to be?

About time: Fashion and duration

 30. What is the name of the long outer garment that priests and men of the clergy wear?


 31. Which American reality TV shows highlight great fashion designs?

Project runway

 32. Name the French fashion house that designed Meghan Markel’s wedding dress.                                      


 33. What was the original name of the iconic American designer credited with the creation of the fashion label Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lifshitz

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 34. Which supermodel tripped over her Vivienne Westwood shoes and fell during a catwalk in the early 90s?

Naomi Campbell

 35. The Luxury fashion house Fendi was founded in which country?


 36. Which famous fashion stylist is remembered for his popular quote, “A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous.”

Coco Chanel

 37. Which type of pants are designers Jacob Davies and Levi Strauss associated with inventing?

Denim jeans

70s Fashion trivia

38. The 70s were synonymous with being wide at the bottom of the leg. What were they known as?


 39. Which fashion sense became most popular during the 70s?


 40. What was the name of the popular high-heeled shoes during this era?


 41. What were the shoes with heels lower than the shoe called?

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Earth shoes

 42. Which dressing style, known as a fashion faux pas, became popular in the 70s and featured a ‘double’ look?

Double denim

 43. A type of top, which was popular in the 1970s, bared a lot of skin. What was its name?

The tube top

 44. What was the checked pattern invented in the 1970s and had a massive comeback in the 1990s?


 45. Name the type of sunglasses that gained popularity during the 1970s.

Mirrored lens sunglasses

 46. Who was the inventor of hot pants?

Mary Quant

 47. What was the name of the fashionable shorts with rounded hems, with a slit on the sides?


48. Which type of trousers dominated the roller discos?

Satin trousers

 49. Daisy Duke popularized which type of tops?

The tie-tops

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 Modern fashion quiz

50. Which Central Saint Martin designer became famous after Harry Styles wore their collection on tour and the music video “Lights up”?

Harris Reed

 51. What is the name of Kim Kardashian’s line of underwear and shapewear that mimics her monochromatic style?


 53. Who designed the stunning one-shoulder ivory ball gown, covered in rosettes that Michelle Obama wore on her debut ball as the first lady of the United States?

Jason Wu

 54. In the 2010 MTV video music awards, Lady Gaga wore the infamous meat dress. Who was its designer?

Franc Fernandez

 55. In the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, what was the character’s name of the Editor of the fictitious Runway magazine played by Meryl Streep?

Miranda Priestly

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 56. What does the famous fashion logo D&G stand for?

Dolce & Gabbana

 57. What is the country of origin of supermodel Kate Moss?

The United Kingdom

 58. Which fashion brand is well known for its polo shirts?

Ralph Lauren

 59. Name the four cities believed to be 21-century fashion capitals. –

Milan, London, New York & Paris

60s Fashion quiz

60. The American First lady was known for donning her famous ‘pillbox hat.’ Who designed the hat?


61. Which fashion item will singer Nancy Sinatra be most remembered for? –

Go-Go boots

62. In Bonnie and Clyde’s movie, what is the fashion fad that Faye Dunaway inspired?


63. Name the American heiress and movie star who became a fashion influencer with black tights, mini-skirts, chandelier earrings, and blond hair?

Edie Sedgwick

64. In the 1960s, a popular Tv series focused on the clothing industry and starred Miriam Karlin and Reg Varney. What was its name?

The Rag Trade

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65. ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’ is a 1966 hit song by which British group?

The Kinks

66. Which famous British designer worked as a salesgirl in Liberty’s before forming her fashion company in 1966?

Jean Muir

High fashion trivia

67. How many times in a year is the glamorous London Fashion Week held?


68. Which precious stone with dark green color is used to make jewels?


69. Which designer made Victoria Beckham’s stunning wedding dress?

Vivienne Westwood

70. Which Italian City, where cotton corduroy is manufactured, inspired the name of jeans?


71. Who is the late German fashion designer associated with Fendi, Chanel, and his fashion label?

Karl Lagerfield

72. When did the fashion house Palazzo Versace become open to the public?


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73. Giorgio Armani is among the most excellent Italian fashion designers. What is he most known for?

Men’s suits

74. In which country was the famous shoe designer Manolo Blahnik born?


75. Who was Queen Elizabeth II’s official dressmaker from 1950 to 1990?

Hardy Amies

76. Which actor played the role of fashion designer Gianni Versace in the movie, “The Versace Murder” ? – Franco Nero

77. Name the editor-in-chief of the British Vogue –

Edward Enninful

78. Before Victoria Beckham became a fashion designer, she was a member of an all-female pop group. What was the group’s name

Spice Girls

79 . Which famous fashion designer committed suicide after his mother passed away?

Alexander McQueen

 We hope you enjoyed the fashion trivia quiz above. How many questions did you answer correctly? Share with us in the comment box below.

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