70+ Fun & general knowledge health trivia questions

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How well do you know the human body? We may not all be medical professionals, but over the years, we all pick varying degrees of knowledge about our bones, organs, and blood vessels. Do you want to test this knowledge? Then the following health trivia will serve perfectly for that. 

The health trivia questions in this article are a diverse selection split into various segments. Do you want something fun, or are you looking for something trickier? In any case, you’ll find what you want, complete with correct answers, below. Use these at friend outings and family gatherings to see who is the most knowledgeable. 

health trivia

Fun Health trivia

Many people see medical science as a vast expanse of primarily impenetrable knowledge. However, health trivia quizzes make the knowledge easier to learn and digest. The following health trivia shows the fun side of medical science. How well do you think you will do?

  1. What is the name of the body’s largest, strongest, and longest bone? The Femur
  2. How many taste buds does a normal healthy human have? About 10,000
  3. What is the medical term for dizziness, which also served as the title for one of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies? Vertigo
  4. What does the Latin word “phobia” mean? Fear
  5. Would a blood pressure of 160/90 be classified as high blood pressure? Yes
  6. Cells of the nervous system connect and interlink to form what tissue? Nervous tissue
  7. What is the name of the smallest bone in the body? The stapes
  8. Where can the smallest bone in the body be found? In the ear
  9. What type of blood cells is responsible for fighting infections and diseases? White blood cells
  10. Which body system is concerned with the production and regulation of hormones? The endocrine system

Funny Health trivia

The human body is an extraordinary thing, full of so many secrets and mysteries. And sometimes, we can’t help but laugh at those secrets and mysteries. The health trivia below tests knowledge of those secrets and mysteries while helping us laugh the way. 

  1. For centuries, mental health conditions were thought to result from what supernatural phenomena? Demonic possessions
  2. What is more sensitive, your sense of smell or your sense of taste? Sense of smell
  3. What body part or organ uses more oxygen than every other part? The brain
  4. How long is the small intestine when extended to full length? About 23 feet
  5. How many bones does the average human have within their body? 206 bones
  6. What medical condition happens when you drink too much water? Water intoxication
  7. How long does a woman’s orgasm last? Up to 2 minutes
  8. How many times a minute does your eye blink? About 20 times a minute
  9. What is ear wax made of? Dead skin cells, hair, and ear secretions
  10. One-fourth of all human bones are found in which part of the body? The bones. 
health trivia

Medical history Health trivia

The following health quiz tests how well you know the significant figures and events that helped medical science reach its current level. As health trivia goes, it should be easy, provided you paid attention in history class. 

  1. Who is considered the father of modern medicine? Hippocrates.
  2. Who is credited with the invention of the microscope? Zacharias Janssen.
  3. Who is credited with the discovery of bacteria? Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.
  4. When was the first anesthetic for operations given? In 1842
  5. Who discovered that radiation is a viable cancer treatment? Marie Curie
  6. When did the first kidney transplant take place? In 1954
  7. The earliest recorded reference to medical substances was found in an ancient Egyptian document known as…? The Ebers Papyrus
  8. Using leeches to cure disease by sucking out a patient’s blood was a practice known as…? Bloodletting
  9. Who is regarded as the founder of modern medicine? Florence Nightingale
  10. Who is credited with the discovery of penicillin? Sir Alexander Fleming

Easy general knowledge health trivia

As averse to blood or the inner workings of the human body, as some of us may be, there’s no way we haven’t picked up on some general knowledge about medical science. The following medical quiz, comprising easy general knowledge questions, tests that knowledge. 

  1. What sort of patients does a pediatrician work with? Children
  2. What do the initials G.P. stand for? General Practitioner
  3. What non-profit organization in the United States funds research on heart diseases and educates people on ways to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems? The American Heart Association
  4. What is the normal range for the human heart rate? Between 60 to 100 beats per minute.  
  5. How often should you get a DTaP vaccine? At least once every ten years
  6. The average human being has a height of…? 5 feet, 4 inches
  7. How much blood does the average human being have? About 5 liters
  8. What specific function does the digestive system serve? It helps break down food for nutrients and remove waste
  9. Cartilage is a connective tissue that links what? Joints and bones.  
  10. Physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of health problems. True

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TV Doctors trivia questions

Very few of us are medical professionals. For those who aren’t, TV doctors have done a lot to demystify the profession. But how well do you know these fictional doctors? The following medical trivia questions present the perfect opportunity to find out. 

  1. Dr. Miami is a popular television personality specializing in what field of medicine? Plastic surgery
  2. What retired cardiothoracic surgeon with political aspirations was popularized by Oprah Winfrey? Dr. Mehmet Oz
  3. What is the full name of the doctor who serves as the main character for the TV show HOUSE? Dr. Gregory House
  4. Who is the ship doctor in the popular 60s sci-fi show Star Trek? Leonard “Bones” McCoy
  5. What is the name of the kid genius doctor portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris? Dr. Doogie Houser
  6. In the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy, which doctor does “Grey” refer to? Dr. Meredith Grey
  7. In the sci-fi adventure horror show Lost, what is the doctor’s name that attends to them when they crash on the island? Dr. Jack Shephard
  8. The fantastic four have a masked nemesis known as? Dr Victor Von Doom.
  9. Which caped superhero from the marvel universe typically uses magic to fight his enemies? Dr. Stephen Strange
  10. In the TV show Prison Break, what is the doctor’s name who develops an affection for William Scofield and helps him escape? Dr. Sarah Tancredi

Medical ailments trivia questions

Human anatomy and physiology can be extraordinary, the malfunction of which spawns so many physical and mental illnesses. Ahead is a trivia quiz concerned with some of those ailments. How well do you understand pathology? Find out.

  1. A heart attack is more scientifically known as what? A myocardial infarction
  2. What medical condition happens when the blood supply to a particular part of the brain is cut off? A stroke
  3. Which of the hepatitis variants is not bloodborne and can only be transmitted through oral contact with contaminated substances? Hepatitis A
  4. What medical condition is caused by human growth hormone deficiency? Dwarfism
  5. Melanoma is a type of what kind of cancer? Skin cancer
  6. The bubonic plague is more commonly known by what name? The black death
  7. What medical condition involves the blockage of the arteries? Arteriosclerosis
  8. The medical condition that involves stinky feet is referred to as…? Bromodosis
  9. What medical condition with lumps in the breast as one of its leading symptoms? Breast cancer
  10. High cholesterol levels are a risk factor for what kind of disease? Heart disease

Tricky medical quiz questions

These questions would be easy for health professionals. But for everyone else, they are just a little bit tricky. How well do you think you’ll do? Have at it. 

  1. What is the largest organ of the body? The Skin
  2. What blood group is a universal donor? Blood Group O
  3. Is Vitamin C a fat-soluble vitamin? No. It is water soluble
  4. What percentage of the world’s total population carries a Y-Chromosome? 50.42 percent
  5. What are the different types of muscle cells that make up muscle tissue? Cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle, and smooth muscle
  6. What glands are located on top of the kidneys? The adrenal gland
  7. In what part of the human body can the strongest muscle be found? The mouth (tongue). 
  8. Which internal organ stores bile? The gallbladder
  9. Which thin layer of cells separates blood from the wall of the blood vessels and regulates exchanges between them? The endothelial cells
  10. What form of cholesterol is sometimes referred to as “good cholesterol”? High-density lipoprotein cholesterol

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