How to add a website to Tik Tok? Complete guide

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Setting up a personal brand or an online business relies heavily on social media accounts such as TikTok and Instagram. They are the most effective technique to communicate with consumers and followers while also showcasing what you have to provide. Tik Tok users must add a website to their Tik Tok bio. 

Content creators add a website to TikTok so that their followers know more about them. 

Influencers will add important links on their Tik Tok bio. For example, Youtube channel, Instagram account, or any other social media platforms they are on.

Tik Tok link is simply a clickable link that will take your followers to a clickable website link or a simple landing page so your followers can know more about you.

Would you want to add a website to Tik Tok bio? Read on to learn about the different ways of links you may include in your TikTok profile.

How to add a website to Tik Tok?

What is a Tik Tok bio link?

TikTok, like every other social networking site, allows users to add a website to their Tik Tok bio. This assists content providers in managing their accounts and keeping their followers engaged. 

It also offers you more influence if you use a TikTok business account. Adding a website to Tik Tok bio is an easy yet efficient approach to keep your fans engaged with your portfolio and business account. 

Learning how to collaborate with someone on TikTok and finding out the popular TikTok hashtags and other helpful capabilities are just as crucial.

Here are three significant reasons why adding website to Tik Tok bio to your business account is essential:

  • Increase your website traffic: You’ve probably established a business account on TikTok to connect to potential consumers and grow your company. To achieve this aim, you must provide a website link so that your followers may learn more about your company.
  • Attract your followers: Those that track you on TikTok are curious about you. They can learn more about your company and what you have to offer by visiting your site.
  • Boost sales: You can add a website to Tik Tok bio will also help you increase exchange rates and convert followers into paying clients.

You can employ the link in your profile to lead visitors to places where they can appreciate more of your stuff or continue supporting you. Some suggestions of links are:

  • To advertise your work, you should create a personal website.
  • Contributions can be made using Venmo or Paypal accounts.
  • Contributions can be made using a Patreon page.
  • An About page to let others learn more about you.
  • A cause you wish to help.

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How to add a link to the Tik Tok bio without a business account?

Let us begin with the monster in the room. A business account is an appropriate option to include a personalized hyperlink in your bio. Later in the new post, you’ll find information on converting your account. 

Moreover, if you do not wish to switch your account, you are not entirely out of luck.

You certainly can include your website in your TikTok profile. It won’t be clickable, though. As a result, your Website should be simple and easy to recall.

 However, expecting individuals to remember and enter a URL by hand is difficult.

If you do not wish to switch your TikTok profile to a Business account, you can add a website to tik tok bio on your Facebook profile; but viewers cannot click on it and be taken to another page.

You can connect your TikTok account to all other social media networks. This, for instance, will direct viewers to your Facebook user or YouTube user page.

  • Open TikTok on your mobile and navigate to your profile.
  • Choose the ‘Edit Profile’ option.
  • You can enter your site URL in the Bio area.
How to add a website to Tik Tok?
  • Click on Facebook or YouTube below ‘Social.’
  • To connect your profile to TikTok, you’ll need to enter your Facebook account.

Some TikTok creators add a linktree link which is an external link that can direct users to many different contents. For example, to a website, Instagram profile, or other social networks.

This gives followers easy access to the various platforms you are in.

How to add a link to your Tik Tok bio with a business account?

It is pretty simple. If your profile page does not include a website option, you will have to convert your individual TikTok account to a business account. 

A website link can be added to the bio of a business account. No one, however, can execute this treatment for them. 

As a result, we’ve created a series of stages that encompass the whole process, beginning with transforming into a business account and then add website to tik tok bio. Follow the below steps; 

  • Begin by launching the TikTok mobile App.
  • Then, select the “Me” tab from the account creation window.
  • Then, touch on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Manage Account option now.
  • Then, select “Switch to Pro Account.”
How to add a website to Tik Tok?
  • Then, to proceed, press “Business” and select a category.

In conclusion, your TikTok personal account has been transformed into a business account.

  • Return to the “Me” tab and select “Edit Profile.”
  • Then, press “Add your website” and enter your URL in the appropriate space.
  • Then, hit the “Save” button to save the changes.
  • That’s about all. Your TikTok bio now has a link.

Why can’t I add a link to Tik Tok bio?

You can still have trouble to add website to tik tok bio after you’ve upgraded to a corporate account. Here are several often stated concerns that may create connection problems:

  • The browser on a computer: You can only add website to tik tok bio on the TikTok app on your mobile device. Consequently, ensure you’re on your android smartphone rather than your computer.
  • Personal account: The most typical cause is keeping it instead of switching your account to a business account.
  • Your account does not have the enabled new features: Even though TikTok has made this function available to practically everyone, some users still do not have it. Unfortunately, nothing can be done if this is the situation for you.

Adding a link to your TikTok profile is an excellent approach to increase your exposure. It’s how you may drive visitors to your internet business tools or showcase your work portfolio. 

After reading this post, you should be able to convert your personal Tik Tok profile to a business account fast and effortlessly.

Final Verdict:

The popularity of TikTok has soared over the last few years. Many young people are utilizing Tik Tok and other social media profiles to build brand awareness. 

Having a clickable URL is a great way to engage with your followers outside Tik Tok.

Don’t forget to use the URL shortening tool to keep your link short and easy to remember. Use the bio feature on your personal Tiktok account to let your followers know who you are. Also, to share any affiliate links you may have with your followers on Tik Tok. 

You can always remind followers to visit your website URL on your Tiktok videos. We hope you now know how to add a website on TikTok.

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