How to have no profile picture on Tik Tok? Quick guide

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Who hasn’t heard about Tik Tok? It is a popular platform to share short videos, pictures, and even direct messages. If you are new to Tik Tok, welcome this complete guide on how to change your profile picture and have no profile picture on Tik Tok. 

How big is TikTok as a social media platform? According to a recent survey, it was found that TikTok was the number one visited domain on the entire planet. Google took second place, and then came Facebook. 

When it comes to having no profile picture on TikTok, know that there is no limit to how many times you can change your profile picture. However, there are limits on how often you can change your Tik Tok username.


How to have no profile picture on Tik Tok

How do you have no profile picture on Tik Tok?

Like any other social media site, Tik Tok also asks all its users to upload a profile picture. The profile picture is only displayed inside the TikTok app. 

Just beside the Tik Tok profile picture icon, you will also see an option to set a profile video for your Tik Tok account. If you don’t want a profile to video, you can settle for a Tik Tok profile photo. 

Having a good profile on Tik Tok is essential. It helps you build trust with others. So, always pick the perfect profile picture. 

Like a YouTube channel, the profile picture also helps you introduce yourself to others on the platform. 

 If you aren’t following people on Tik Tok yet, hit the follow button (under the edit profile option) beside every account on the platform. 

If you want to learn how do you have no profile picture on Tik Tok, know that on Tik Tok, you must have a profile picture. You cannot have a Tik Tok account with no profile picture. 

There are various reasons people might want to change their profile picture on Tik Tok. 

Some people want to give their Tik Tok account a completely new look. When you change your profile picture, it gives your social account a new look. 

How to have no profile picture on Tik Tok?

The second reason is to build trust among your followers. The profile picture you use has a lot to do with how your followers perceive you. 

Why is my profile picture not showing up?

Now you know that it is impossible to have no profile picture on Tik Tok. There is one more common problem that every Tik Tok user has faced at some point using Tik Tok. 

Many Tik Tok users have reported facing problems updating and changing their profile pictures. These are some common types of Tik Tok profile picture issues for personal and private profiles. 

Furthermore, in many instances, their profile picture will not load. Even if you recently uploaded a completely new picture on Tik Tok, you might only see the default photo. 

This is because many rogue Tik Tok accounts were using vulgar, inappropriate images as their Tik Tok profile pictures. 

Tik Tok rolled out a new algorithm to identify and blocklist these accounts. Soon after the new update was launched, Tik Tok users started to face an error that their photos are not showing up.  

This new algorithm also helps curb the number of MILF supremacists on the platform. Furthermore, it also helped keep the platform safe for young users by removing inappropriate content. 

How to fix Tik Tok profile picture not showing?

First, try restarting your phone and the Tik Tok app. If you still face the same problem, check the Tik Tok server status. You can even try using a VPN service. When you use a VPN, your IP address is altered. Also, it gets tough for third-party apps to track your location. 

Other solutions to the problem are –

· The first step, upload a new profile picture

· Clear out the Tik Tok cache on your phone.

How to have no profile picture on Tik Tok?

· Check your internet connection.

· Submit a PFP report (random girl PFP) to the Tik Tok support center. 

· Download the latest updates (iOS devices and Android devices). This helps remove any security concerns, and other ongoing issues on the platform.

If you are using an older version of Tik Tok, you will find no previous video/next video, QR code scan, and keyboard shortcuts on the app. It is a good idea to check for new updates proactively. 

How to change profile picture on Tik Tok?

If you want to change your TikTok profile picture, follow the below steps-

· Open TikTok on your phone.

· Log in to your TikTok account using your credentials.

· After you have logged into your account, navigate to the “Me” tab from the bottom right corner of the toolbar. (Edit profile menu)

· Tap on your current profile picture to change the photo with a new photo. 

· Now, tap on the “Change” option from the new window.

· It will take you to a window, from where you can pick a new profile picture. 

· You can pick an existing photo from your phone’s gallery or take a new picture using your phone’s camera. 

· After you have the picture, you want to set s your new TikTok profile picture. You can crop it if necessary. You can also remove the photo background.

· When you are happy with the photo, hit the “Save” button. 

The steps mentioned above are the easiest way to change your profile image on Tik Tok of your profile page. It will work on both iOS and Android phones. 

If you have any confusion, please leave a comment section below. Also, please share if you know about any alternative way to change your profile picture on TikTok. 

How to delete profile picture on Tik Tok?

As we have seen above, it is impossible to have no profile image on Tik Tok. When you try to remove your Tik Tok display picture, you will get an error message.

Like any other social media account, every Tik Tok user must have a profile picture or a Tik Tok video as their profile on the social platform. 

However, if you want to have no picture on Tik Tok, you can try using a transparent image on your account. A transparent format (transparent PNG) picture is a great way to bypass the Tik Tok app regulation and creator portal community guidelines. 

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