How to install Sportsdevil on Firestick? Step by step guide

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Installing the SportsDevil addon on Firestick is easy. In this article, we are taking a look at how to install the SportsDevil on Firestick.

The process that we are looking at will work for a variety of applications such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kodi supported devices, and of course, Firestick.

SportsDevil was once considered the best game streaming tool out there. With time, as new alternatives flooded the landscape, SportsDevil lost some of its charms.

However, SportsDevil still supports many online games. You can integrate SportsDevil with FireStick using the Kodi addon, and it supports different picture qualities ranging from 480P- 1080P. 

Disclaimer : We do not advise you to use any illegal add-ons. This is merely a tutorial article. Hence, proceed with caution

How to install Sportsdevil on Firestick

How to install VPN on Kodi?

The Kodi addon allows users to stream a wide range of content. However, it is always a good idea to use a VPN service with Kodi. It is essential if you do not want to get banned from using the platform.

When using a VPN with Kodi, you can bypass ISP throttling, government surveillance, and geo-blockage. Furthermore, it also hides your identity, your IP address, and your location.

Several VPN providers work hand-in-hand with Kodi. These VPNs include – ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost, VyprVPN, and IPVanish.

So you see, VPN providers that you would usually use with browsing the internet in general are all suitable for Kodi.

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how to update kodi on firestick

Sportsdevil apk for Firestick

In the below guide, you get to see how to get the SportsDevil APK for Firestick. Always use a Kodi VPN.

·     Go into the URL section and click on OK.

·     Double Click the Cazewall type and hit the OK button.

·     Wait until confirmation.

·     Visit the Kodi Homepage and navigate to Kodi Settings >> Add-Ons.

·     Now select “Install from Zip File”, and choose Cazwell.

·     Select Kodi Repository URL.

·     From there navigate to V7>>Add-Ons.

·     Select the file titled repository.simplycaz.1.0.1. zip.

·     Wait until the installation is complete.

·     Choose install from the database, and hit the Caz Repository add-on.

·     Select Video Attachments.

·     Scroll down until you see the option SportsDevil APK.

·     From the left-hand side of the base, click on the install button.

·     After the installation is complete, you will see the SportsDevil icon on the bottom of the screen.

Now you know how to get the SportsDevil APK for Firestick for all the major sports lovers out there.

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How to install SportsDevil on Kodi (computer)?

In the following guide, we take a look at how to install SportsDevil on Kodi. Installing this third-party add-on is very easy.

·     On your PC, launch the Kodi add-on, and open the Settings menu option.

·     Navigate to File Manager.

·     Hit the Add Source option.

·     From the next window that appears after you click the “Add Source” option, click on <None>.

·     On that page, enter the following URL –

·     Type in the Media source name on the next page. Simply type in Kodi and click on the OK button.

·     Wait until the repository is being downloaded.

·     Navigate back to the main menu, and open the Add-Ons menu.

·     Hit the Package Installer button.

·     From there hit the “Install from Zip File” option.

·     From there select the source file. Look for the source file name, and click on it.

·     Wait until the installation is complete.

·     Now head back to the main menu and select “Install from Repository” instead of “Install from Zip File”.

·     From EzzerMacs Wizard Repository, select Video Add-ons.

·     Scroll down the list, until you see SportsDevil.

·     Open SportsDevil, and select Install.

·     Ignore the pop-ups.

·     From the Settings page, toggle on the Installation from Unknown Sources features on.

·     After the installation is complete, navigate to the Add-ons menu and look for SportsDevil. It should be listed under the Video Add-ons area.

·     Now you can enjoy live sports broadcast on your Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, or your Personal Computer.

After you install SportsDevil on Firestick, you can start streaming major sporting events right away.

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Sportsdevil installation failed. How to fix it?

Even if you do everything right, the SportsDevil installation can fail nevertheless. There are a couple of reasons why it might happen.

Before you try to fix this problem, it is essential to know what caused it. So, the first aspect must be related to determining and fixing the local issues.

Before troubleshooting the error, make sure it is connected to the internet.

Launch any other app on the device that requires the internet to confirm the internet connection is solid. If it works, the internet connection is working correctly.

When it comes to SportsDevil, the app might not work if the installation was not right, even if the internet connection is solid.

One issue might be with loading the file from the repository server. In this article, we have used the EzzerMacs repository for installing SportsDevil.

Many other servers host the SportsDevil file. But among all of them, the EzzerMacs repository is one of the most reliable ones out there.

However, the EzzerMacs server suffers from occasional downtimes. Sometimes the server might respond to queries. If the server is down, you cannot add the EzzerMacs server ass the host for the source file.

What is the solution to this, you might ask? Well, there is nothing you can do but wait. As soon as the Servers go down, technicians are deployed to get it up as soon as possible.

You will not have to suffer long hours due to server downtime, and Servers will get up and running again within hours of the errors first being detected.

Sportsdevil not working. How to fix it?

How to install Sportsdevil on Firestick

When your SportsDevil stops working, you will not be able to stream any content.

You will be shown any of the following messages “No stream available”, or the “Web request failed”.

If your SportsDevil stops working, you can try any of the following-

·     Install a secure VPN

·     Reinstall the SportsDevil app

·     Update the latest version of SportsDevil

·     Update the latest version of the Kodi Add-ons

1. Install a VPN

It would be best to consider installing a VPN when you see the following error message “No Stream Available”. It might be happening because your Internet Service Provider is blocking the SportsDevil and its Kodi add-on.

When you install a VPN, your Internet Service Provider will not identify that you are using Kodi.

2.Reinstall the SportsDevil app

Another reason why SportsDevil might stop working is that you might be running an older version of SportsDevil. To fix this error, you should reinstall SportsDevil.

If you do not know how to reinstall SportsDevil, follow the below simple steps-

·     Launch Kodi, and hit the Add-Ons tab from the left side panel.

·     From there hit the My Add-ons area. You will be taken to a page where you will see a list of all the Add-ons installed on your device.

·     Select SportsDevil.

·     Click Uninstall. It should be located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

·     Click “Yes” on the next window.

·     SportsDevil is now uninstalled on your device, it is time to reinstall it.

·     Launch Kodi again, and click on the Settings icon.

·     Select File Manager.

·     Select Add Source, and from there select the “None” option.

·     Copy the following URL – and paste it inside the URL field.

·     Type in a name for the Source Media, and click OK.

·     Return to the Kodi home screen (previous menu), and select Add-Ons.

·     From the upper left corner of the screen, select the “Package Icon”.

·     From the next window select “Install from Zip File”.

·     Select the Source Media name that you just entered in the previous step.

·     Now select

·     Wait a few seconds until the application is installed.

·     Once the installation is complete, you will get the message “Add-on Installed”.

·     Select the “Install from Repository” option.

·     Select “Kodi Repository.”

·     Select Video Add-ons.

·     Scroll down until you see the option “SportsDevil”. When you do, click on it.

·     Click Install.

·     Wait a few seconds.

·     Once the installation is complete, you will see a message labeled “Add-on Installed”.

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3.Update the latest version of the Kodi Add-on?

Just like using an older SportsDevil version, you might not be able to stream content if you are using an older Kodi version.

Follow the below steps guided to update Kodi-

·     Launch Kodi, and visit its Download page.

·     Select the OS that you are running on. For instance, if you are running on iOS, pick that.

·     From the next window, pick the Kodi version that you want to download.

·     After the download is complete, click on the downloaded files.

·     Just follow the on-screen instructions and you will be good to go.

How to update Sportsdevil Add-on on Kodi?

How to uopdate sportsdevil on kodi

Often SportsDevil stops working if you are using an older version of the app. Check if you are using the latest version of SportsDevil. If not, follow the below steps-

·     Launch Kodi, and select the “Add-ons” on the left.

·     From the next window select “My Add-ons”.

·     It will take you to a page where you will be able to see all the installed Add-ons on your device.

·     Select SportsDevil.

·     From the bottom select SportsDevil.

·     After that follow the instructions that appear on the screen, and you are good.

·     The instructions are pretty straightforward, you will not face any trouble understanding them.

If the issues persist even after you update the latest version of SportsDevil, you should check Log Error.

Best SportsDevil channels on Kodi

Kodi is a convenient app when it comes to streaming live sports events and other TV Shows. When it was just launched, it was known as XBMC.

If you are new to Kodi, here are some names of the best channels on the platform.

·     NetStream Sports Hub

·     iPlayer WWW

·     SportsDevil

·     cCloud TV

·     Pro Sport

·     Rising Tides Add-on

·     NBC Sports Live Extra

·     Joker Sports

·     Sports World

·     Goodfellas 2.0

·     Halow Live TV

·     FilmOn Simple

·     Veilside

·     Atom Reborn

So there you go, now you know about list of channels for SportsDevil. Each of the channels listed above comes with a video addon.

What are some good SportsDevil alternatives?

How to install Sportsdevil on Firestick

SportsDevil is a popular channel for Kodi users, and it comes with many channels that you can tune into.

Here are some alternatives to SportsDevil.

·     The Crew Sports

·     Sports Continuum

·     TvTap

·     Limitless Live Stream IPTV

·     Gridiron Legends

·     SportZig

·     Rising Tides

·     The Loop

All the alternatives listed above come with quality content. Just one reminder, no matter which channels you end up using, always use a good VPN service provider. If you as us, NordVPN, is one of the best VPN providers out there, and it helps you avoid VPN issues when using Kodi.


Is sportsdevil legal?

SportsDevil allows you to watch live sports events. No matter what type of sports you want to watch, be it La Liga, NFL, NBA, UFC, UCLA, or English Premier League, FIFA world cup, Indian Premier League, SportsDevil has you covered.

SportsDevil is legal in many countries. But if you belong to any of the below-listed companies, you should avoid using SportssDevil. Otherwise, you might get into serious trouble.

SportsDevil is banned in France, the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Ireland.

You can avoid getting into legal trouble by using a VPN provider. Kodi version

Disclaimer : We do not advice you to use any add-ons that are illegal. This is merely a tutorial article. Hence, proceed with caution

Why is SportsDevil not working?

There can be various reasons why SportsDevil might not work. Here are some – not using a VPN, using an older version of Kodi, using an older version of SportsDevil.

Can you watch live sports with SportsDevil?

Yes, you can. SportsDevil is not an on-demand content provider. This is why you should aim to live stream the sports event when they are going down in real-time.

Does sportsdevil still work?

SportsDevil Kodi Add-on was once the most used app for streaming live sports events. Sports Fans are the majority of users of this platform. And, yes, this app is still working. However, there are many alternatives to SportsDevil such as NetStream Sports Hub, Goodfellas 2.0, Rising Tides Add-on, Pro Sport, FilmOn Simple, NBC Sports Live Extra, iPlayer WWW, Atom Reborn. Along with streaming sports events, you can also stream free movies on these platforms.

Do leave a comment below if you want us to cover an article on the best sports add-ons. Also, let us know if you want us to write on Kodi sports addons or SportsDevil addons.

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We hope you now know how to install Sportsdevil on Firestick. If you have more questions drop us a message in the comment box below.

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