How to see who blocked you on TikTok? Quick guide

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Are you concerned that someone on TikTok has blocked you? In this article, we are looking at how to see who blocked you on TikTok. While TikTok will not send you a notice if you’ve been blocked, there are a few warning flags to look out for. 

This article will show you how a user’s TikTok profile, messages, and following list may appear when they block you and how to tell if you’ve been blocked for good. 

who blocked you on TikTok

How do you see who blocked you on TikTok?

TikTok, the video-sharing software, is popular for various purposes. You might quickly lose track of time skimming through the pranks, dances, and challenges. 

You can even make your own TikTok videos (and earn money from them if they’re successful enough). You can, of course, communicate directly with people you know, either in person or through the app. 

TikTok, one of the largest social networks and one of the most popular social media platforms, is a fun way to express yourself and meet new people.

Among all the popular social media apps, TikTok is where internet sensations are made these days. 

Over 500 million people have downloaded the app! This does not mean that you want everyone to be following you on Tik Tok. There could be trolls and stalkers on the platform.

Fortunately, TikTok allows you to block accounts of those you do not wish to interact with. 

This article will go over what occurs when you block someone on TikTok. Check the block list for the blocked users (block function). 

When you ban an account on TikTok, you’ll get a notification that the person can’t message you anymore.

 The account will be added to your list of accounts to be blocked. In reality, after you’ve blocked an account, they won’t be able to look up your profile. They can no longer send you communication as a result of this.

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What does it look like when you get blocked by someone on TikTok?

There are three ways to see who blocked you on TikTok. 

1. Check if the accounts you’re following are included in the list. 

Go to your home page’s profile symbol (it’s the button in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen that looks like a person’s outline) and hit “Following.”

who blocked you on TikTok

TikTok particular users can either key in the name of the account (username of the person) you think has blocked you or navigate through the list. 

who blocked you on TikTok

Type in the complete user name. They may have blocked you if their account does not appear in your Following list. 

However, they may have just erased their account. You can use the search bar to discover more (search results). 

2 Check comments you made on the person’s videos

The second approach to see who blocked you on TikTok is to go back and look at a comment (comments section) or mention you made on one of their videos (User’s videos). 

Go to your home page and tap the notifications symbol (the speech bubble), then scroll down to the comment or mention you made on their video.

Another red flag is if you try to tap on the video but can not do so. It’s possible that you’ve been blocked.

3 Check the Discover page

Finally, you can use the Discover Page to look for the person’s account (the magnifying glass icon).

 If their account name (person’s name) doesn’t appear when you punch it in, that’s a red flag — but double-check to make sure you’re spelling it correctly.  

who blocked you on TikTok

Tap the “Follow” button if you discover their account. “You cannot follow this account owing to user privacy settings/account settings,” says the error notice if you’ve been barred. 

How to unblock users on TikTok?

If someone sends you inappropriate content/ inappropriate messages, you should block that TikTok use. (Block feature).

Users who are blocked cannot view your creative videos/singing videos or interact with you via direct messages, comments, followers, or likes. You can also block random commenters if you prefer a private life. 

To block someone, follow these steps:

1. First thing, open the TikTok application

2. Go to the person’s profile you want to block

2. Tap the three-dots icon in the top right corner of the screen.

who blocked you on TikTok

3. Select Block and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to unblock someone on Tik Tok?

By now you know how to see who blocked you on TikTok, to unblock someone, follow these below steps:

1. Go to the user’s profile you’re looking for.

2. Tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

3. Select Unblock and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to block multiple users on Tik Tok?

To learn how to block a large number of persons at once, follow the below easy steps- 

1. To open a window of choices, long-press on a comment or tap the pencil symbol in the upper left corner.

2. Select Manage multiple comments (comment section) from the drop-down menu.

3. You have the option of selecting up to 100 comments.

4. Press the More button.

5. Select TikTok User’s Accounts to Block.

How to see accounts you have blocked on Tik Tok?

Follow the steps below if you would like to see the list of people you have blocked on Tik Tok:

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Click on the 3 vertical line on the top-right side of the screen
3. Click on Settings and Privacy
4. Click on Blocked accounts
You can now view all the people you have blocked on Tik Tok.


Can you get unblocked on TikTok?

Yes, you can. But the TikTok user who first blocked you needs to unblock you. There is nothing you can do to get unblocked except for reaching out to your friend and making amends. This is true for all the different social media platforms too. 

Can the person contact you if you block someone on TikTok?

No. They won’t be able to message you, comment on your postings, or even view your profile if you block them. Once you’ve blocked an account, that individual won’t be able to contact you through the app.

Will the person be notified if you block them on TikTok?

When you ban someone on TikTok, they are not notified. They’ll be put on your app’s prohibited list right away. If you unblock the person later, you’ll have to re-add them as a Friend. Once you’ve blocked an account, that individual won’t be able to contact you through the app. They can only contact you through a third-party app. They won’t be able to message you, comment on your postings, or even read your profile if you block them.

What is the difference between remove and block on Tik Tok?

Removing someone on Tik Tok means that you will not see any of that person’s posting, but you can still view their profile whenever you search for them. Also, that person can still contact you on Tik Tok. On the other hand, blocking means that the person will not be able to contact you at all.

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