66 funny Skeleton puns that will tickle your bones

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Skeletons are not scary objects in fact they are capable of giving you immense tickles on your bones. Funny skeleton puns can make your bones rattle. Want to laugh out loud with funny skeleton puns? Check out the skeleton puns below.

Funny Skeleton Puns

The funny bone jokes and the skeleton puns will leave you buoyant.

Skeleton puns that are rib breakingly funny are as below:

  1. Why Skeleton doesn’t lie?

Because they always want tibia to be honest.

skeleton puns

2. Why do Skeletons love to be stylish?

Because they are hipsters.

3. Why are Skeletons lonely?

Because they have nobody.

4. What do Skeletons order at restaurants?

Spare ribs.

5. What do bony people use to enter their homes?

Skeleton keys.

6. How to make a skeleton laugh?

When someone tickles his funny bones.

7. What name would you give to a skeleton that does not work?


8. How did skeletons use to send mail in the yesteryears?

The bony express.

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9. Name the kind of plate skeletons to prefer to eat?

Bone china.

10. Who is the most famous skeleton detective?

Sherlock Bones.

11. What do you call a skeleton snake?

A rattler.

12. What do skeletons say before dining?

Bone- Appetit.

13. What song do skeleton bikers sing while riding?

Bone to be wild.

14. Who is the most famous French skeleton?

Napoleon Bone-apart.

15. What do old skeletons complain about?

Aching bones.

16. Why did the skeleton cross the road?

To get to the body shop.

17. Why did Skeleton pupils stay late at school?

He was boning up for his exam.

18. When does a skeleton laugh?

When something tickles his funny bones.

19. Which is a skeleton’s favourite type of plant?

A bone-zai tree.

20. Why didn’t the skeleton’s go to watch scary movies?

Because he didn’t have the guts.

21. Why did the skeleton need to go to the church to play music?

Because they do not have any organs.

22. What is the name of a skeleton who uses a doorbell?

A skeleton who uses a doorbell is called a dead ringer.

23. What was the skeleton’s favourite musical instrument?

The trombone.

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23. Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the Halloween party?

Because he had nobody to dance with.

24. Who won the skeleton beauty contest?


25. Why did the skeleton go to the hospital?

To have his ghoul stones removed.

26. What’s a skeleton’s least favourite room in the house?

The Living room.

27. What is a skeleton’s favourite musical instrument?

The trombone. But they have no lungs. So it has to be the bongos.

Undertale Skeleton Puns

Undertale Skeleton puns have bombarded the internet and can give a tickle to your bones. Below are some Undertale skeleton puns:

28. The Hall exhibition of sculptures of the skeleton was cancelled by the skeleton himself because his soul was not really in it.

29. Skeletons are extremely lonely because they have nobody!.

30. Skeleton doctors who practice osteopathic medicine are known to bring spare ribs to a potluck!.

31. A melodious solo riff on the polished sax-a-bone of the skeleton was played by the skeleton.

32. A skeleton was aware of everything that was going to happen in future because he felt it in his bones.

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33. The dissimilarity between two skeleton teachers of school is one is funny and the other is very sternum.

34. The skeleton loved cracking jokes, and when others smiled, he laughed and replied ” I think I did tickle your funny bone”.

35. Whenever skeletons need to repair their cars, they take them to the body shop.

36. A skeleton went to the hospital to donate his body for medical sciences.

37. So the doctor asked him to spine on the dotted line!.

38. There was a skeleton who was a botanist. His favourite kind of tree was a bone-zai tree.

39. When the little skeleton was not studying for his exams, his father scolded him by saying, “Why are you not boning up for the exams? “

Skeleton Sans Puns

40. The skeleton was sick, so he went up to his doctor and said, “I think I am a little sick, I have femur”!.

41. People can understand when a skeleton lies. They are bad liars as everyone can see right through them.

42. Legless skeletons are asked to avoid arguments because they apparently don’t have a leg to stand on.

43. The skeletons were given the job of finishing the task and they were unable to complete it on time because it was a skeleton crew!

44. A group of skeletons went to a gala dinner. They began their feast by saying bone appetite!

45. Once, a skeleton was taking a stroll in a wild jungle, and a group of wild dogs chased him. He narrowly escaped the dogs!

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46. The criminal skeleton was arrested by the police and was imprisoned in a rib cage!

47. Skeleton doctors who practice osteopathic medicine are known to bring spare ribs to a potluck!

48. The skeleton didn’t like to talk on the rotary skelephone- he preferred his cell bone.

49. The skeleton decided to bone up on the facts for the big exam.

50. Did you hear about the skeleton that dropped out of medical school? He just didn’t have the stomach for it.

Skeleton Puns DnD

Bone can be used as “A bone to pick”,”Bone weary”, ” Lazy Bones”, “Chilled to the bone”.

With Born, we can say, ” A star is a bone”, “Bone this way”.

Similarly, we can create a lot of puns using them.

51. Where do you imprison a naughty skeleton?

In a rib cage.

The mode of travel the skeleton pilots like the most is the skelecopter or the scareplane.

52. The skeleton’s enjoy which people company?

The skeleton enjoys boney people’s company.

53. What did the skeleton say while riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle?

I’m bone to be wild.

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54. What happened when the skeletons rode pogo sticks?

They had a rattling good time!

55. How do skeletons text each other?

Via cell bones.

56. What is the best way to call a skeleton who is extremely stupid?

A numbskull.

57. Why did the skeleton refuse to eat a lot of food?

Because he did not have the stomach to do so.

58. What’s Papyrus’s favourite music video?

Spooky Scary Skeletons!

59. Did you hear the one about the baby skeleton?

He liked to rattle his bones.

60. Why didn’t the skeleton play golf?

Because his heart wasn’t in it.

Short Skeleton Puns

The short skeleton puns are either comic relief or grumpy characters. Skeletons, unlike their fleshy cousins, the zombies, don’t have a fashionable agenda. Their simple anatomy made only of bones are the source of humour. Based on their skeletons and bones, these rib-tickling puns arise.

These short skele-puns can rattle your skeleton:

61. Musical skele-puns

The one instrument that the skeleton can play better than others? The trombone.

62. Sky-lets flying

The favourite mode of travel for skeleton pilots is the skelecopter. The skeleton loves to sit on a scare- plane.

63. Boney tone

Skeletons make a great stand up comedy for their use of a boney toned body.

64. Bone Appetit

The group of skeletons shout out loud before their dinner “Bone Appetit”.

65. Melodious Skele-tune

At the Church, the skeleton played his organ before the congregation.

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66. Can see right through

What did the skeleton say when his little brother told a lie?

When his brother said a lie, the skeleton said

You can’t fool me, I can see right through you.

Skeleton Pun Names

If you are in need of having fun and thinking about some funny skeleton names to cheer yourself up, then we have presented a long list of punny skeletal names. These silly names from some of our favourite characters are very much relatable”

The skeleton puns become more fun with their addition of some silly skeleton pun names. These silly meaningless pun names add more humor to it.

Cannot recall a skelly name for the skele bros, check out some.

Some of the Male Pun names are:-

Napoleon Bone-apart( based on a famous historical figure).

The Big Le- bone- ski

Johnny Rotten

Indiana Bones

Blake Skeleton

Scary Potter

Thomas Deadison.

Humphrey Bone- gart

Rick R. Mortus

Jaw- kie Chan

Sir Ian Mc Skullen.

Cass kitt

Leonardo Di Clavicle

Pelvis Presley

Brad Pitt-ella

Hunting for some skele- sis names. Skeletons provide ample sources of puns. Their anatomy is the profound source of creating names. You could either create your names for your skele- sis or choose one from the following.

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If your skeleton is a She, then these names could be humorous.

Abby Cadaver

Dee Ceased

Bona Lisa

Jessica Bones

Scary Poppins

Grace Skelly

Skelly Clarkson

Helen Skeller

Cass kitt

Leonardo Di Clavicle

Pelvis Presley

Brad Pitt-ella

Skeleton Puns for Instagram

Skeletal puns for Instagram can give your Instagram caption a funny feel to it. Checkout some puns below that you can add to your Instagram comments or captions.

  • We are having a skele- TON of fun.
  • I’ve heard boney fashion is skelet- in this year.
  • You are a bone- a fide student of the Institution.
  • You are bone to be wild.
  • Why are you so skinny and boneless?
  • Napoleon Bone-apart is a bone leader.
  • No body gets my Halloween dress this year.
  • There is no bone- of contention between us.
  • Being a skeleton really isn’t all it’s cracked up Tibia.
  • The sculptures of the skull- ptor is awesome.
  • The coolest part of a skeleton is its bones.
  • Bone- jour, mes amis.
  • Bone away by how much fun I’m having.
  • Having a real Halloween Bone-anza this year!
  • You know, as they say:

carpal diem!

  • This is my cont- RIB- ution to Halloween party.

So, we can conclude that skeletons can be scary but at the same time can be funny too. Hope you enjoyed the skeleton puns above.

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