59 fun & exciting baby trivia questions

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Virtual baby showers are now very common. We have prepared a list of baby trivia questions that can be part of a fun party game even when held online.

The baby trivia questions below cover many topics which will definitely make it into a fun baby shower game.

It is a great way to test if the new parents are ready for the sleepless nights and challenges of parenthood.

baby trivia questions

To make the baby trivia questions more exciting, set a time limit and divide participants into small groups. Possible mix participants who are non-parents with those who are currently parents.

Set a prize for those that group that gets the most number of correct answers. Now, let’s get started with the baby shower question.

Pregnancy baby trivia questions

Below are some baby trivia questions that your baby shower guests will enjoy:

1.    When is the appropriate to take a pregnancy test?

Answer: A week after a missed flow.

2.    How many weeks are in a regular pregnancy period?

Answer: 40 weeks

3.    At what period can your doctor or gynecologist confirm your baby’s gender?

Answer: Between 18 to 20 weeks into the pregnancy period.

4.    Which is the first sense that a baby develops?

Answer: Sense of Touch

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5.     Who arranges the mother’s baby shower?

Answer: Her close friends and family

6. Baby shower is celebrated by different cultures. How is it called in South Africa?

Answer: A Stork Party

7.     How is it called in China?

Answer: It is referred to as “Red Egg” or Ginger Parties

8.     What is the C-section rate in the United States?

Answer: Approximately 28%                      

9.     What is the rate of C-Section in South Africa?

Answer: Over 32%

10.  Which body part is not present when a baby is born?

Answer: The Kneecaps

11.  What percentage of new babies get delivered in their due date?

Answer: Approximately 5%

12. What is the longest number of days for a pregnancy ever recorded?

Answer: It was recorded to be 375 days.

13.  Do you think babies are born with blue eyes?

Answer: The answer is No. Most babies are actually born with brown eye color.

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14.  What is the average recommended amount you should consume when pregnant?

Answer: 300 Calories per day.

15. Is it true that the more heartburn you experience during your pregnancy determines if your baby will be born with a head full of hair or not?

Answer: This is absolutely true. Scientists have proven this to be true from an old wives’ tale.

Baby Shower Questions

The first year of life can be very challenging for new parents. The questions below will test how ready parents to be are for the challenges ahead.

16.  How often should the baby be fed?

Answer: After every 2-4 hours.

17. The area around the umbilical cord stump of the baby should be cleaned regularly. True or False?

Answer: False. It should be kept clean and dry at all times. This prevents entry pathogens which may cause infection to your baby.

18.  At what age do babies start sitting?

Answer: At around 5-6 months.

19.  What is the recommended time that you should start cleaning your bay?

Answer: This is after the umbilical stump falls off.

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20. Which parent is likely to look like the baby?

Answer: Of course it’s the Mum. Yeah the mum.

21.  How many hours does a baby sleep on daily average?

Answer: A baby sleeps for an average 16 hours a day.

22. How long does it take men and women to change a baby diaper?

Answer: It is estimated that men take 1.20 minutes while women take 3 minutes.

23. Who decides the theme of the baby’s room?

Answer: Both parents

24.  How long does it take a baby to recognize his father’s voice?

Answer: Roughly 14 days.

25.  How long does it take the baby to recognize the Mother’s voice?

Answer: The baby does this in 1 week.

26. Which is the first baby item parents usually purchase?

Answer: Study has shown that parents are most likely to buy dresses.

27.  Which is one of the most classic baby shower game?

Answer: This is the baby shower bingo game.

28.  How is Shower bingo game played?

Answer: Guests fill in the bingo cards with gifts they think the mother will receive during the baby shower.

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29.  How many bones are in a newborn baby?

Answer: Approximately 300 bones.

30.  After how many weeks does a baby get to smile?

Answer: Around 5-8 weeks

31. Which color was used to represent a baby in the early 90s?

Answer: Pink

32.  What is the most special gift you get to receive on a baby shower?

Answer: A parenting guide book.

33.  After how many months does the baby’s fingerprints appear?

Answer: Between 2-3months.

34 Most common first word said by a baby:

Answer : Mommy

35 How often should you change your baby’s diaper ?

Answer : Every 2 to 3 hours

35 when do babies recognize father’s voice ?

Answer : 32 weeks

36 At which week scan can you find out the sex of your baby?

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answer : 20 weeks

37 What is the weight of the heaviest baby

Answer : 22 pounds 8 ounces

Multiple choice baby trivia questions

38. Which parent is likely to look more like the baby?

a)    Mum

b)   Dad

c)    Both

39. Who will take the role of changing the babies?

a)    Both

b)   Mum

c)    Dad

40. Who will be more concerned about the baby’s health?

a)    Dad

b)   Both

c)    Mum

41. Who will most likely spoil the baby?

a)    Dad

b)   Both

c)    Mum

42. Who will tell more bedtime stories to the baby?

a)    Dad

b)   Mum

c)    Both

43. Who will mostly engage in the baby’s activities when he/she is all grown up?

a)    Both

b)   Mum

c)    Dad

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44. What is the mass of the heaviest baby ever recorded?

Answer: 23pounds and 12 ounces

45. What is mummy’s favorite dish?

Answer: Hint (Asked to all friends and relatives present at the baby shower?)

46. What is the average number of diapers a baby uses in a day?

Answer: 7-12 diapers.

47. What was the most memorable thing is Catherine Giudici Lowe’s baby shower?

Answer: A pink flamingo theme.

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Celebrity Baby Trivia

We live in an era where we follow the lives of our favorite celebrities. Some are even our role models. You can challenge the friends and relatives at the baby shower and try find out who best knows their celebrity the best.

49. What was the theme for Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower?

Answer: It had a princess theme.

50. When was Halsey’s baby shower and what was interesting about it?

Answer: It was on June with adorably decorated bibs.

51. What was the most adorable item at Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower?

Answer: Elephant sculptures all made out of flowers.

Disney Baby Questions.

We all know that a baby shower is all about pampering the parent-to-be with gifts but this does not mean we can’t go the extra mile and make it more exciting using fun baby shower games.

We can light up the occasion even more with some Disney Trivia questions.

Yes, you heard it right. Here are some examples you can pick and add to your list;

52. In finding Nemo, what were the two names chosen by Merlin for their children?

Answer: Nemo

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53.  Which fairy godmother was entrusted with protecting and hearing baby Aurora?

Answer: Flora, Fauna and Merrweather.

54. Who were the two friends who helped the sweet Prince of the Forest learn to stand and take the first steps?

Answer? Genno and Gurii.

55. How is a fairy born?

Answer: When a baby laughs for the first time after being born.

56. On which date did the movie “The Little Mermaid” debut?

Answer? 17th November, 1989

57. In the movie The Little Mermaid, who was Prince Ariel’s best friend?

Answer: Flounder

58. Who led the colony where the King and Queen to take Elsa and Anna?

Answer: Pabbie the Grand

59. In which place did Elsa build the palace of Ice?

Answer: North Mountain.

We hope the baby trivia questions above will be a fun addition to your baby shower function. You can always turn this into a printable game by printing the questions above.

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