15+ Fun & simple quiet games that all kids will love

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As a mom of two vivacious girls, I’ve come to appreciate the delicate balance between their need for fun and my need for a bit of peace and quiet. Let’s face it, things can get pretty noisy around here! I have created a list of fun quiet games for kids so we can give our ears a much-needed break.

Fun Quiet Games for Toddlers

1. Sensory Bins: 

Quiet games

Create a sensory bin filled with rice, beans, or water beads.

Add different shapes, pipe cleaners, and pom poms. Younger children will love exploring the textures and colors, practicing their fine motor skills in complete silence.

2. Busy Bags: 

Prepare busy bags with simple activities like matching cards, simple puzzles, or cotton balls with tweezers. It’s a great way to keep toddlers quietly engaged.

3. Silent Monkey See, Monkey Do: 

The first person performs a quiet action, like hugging a stuffed animal. The next person copies and adds a new action. It’s a simple game that encourages imitation and memory skills.

4. Pom Pom Stuff: 

Quiet games

Provide your toddler with a bunch of colorful pom poms and an empty bottle or a container with a small opening.

Show them how to push the pom poms through the opening one by one. This simple activity is great for fine motor skill development and can keep them quietly focused for quite some time.

5. Quiet Time Busy Boards: 

Quiet games

Create or purchase a busy board equipped with a variety of latches, locks, knobs, and switches.

Busy boards are fantastic for toddlers, offering sensory and fine motor skill activities that are engaging and, most importantly, quiet.

They can spend a long time exploring different mechanisms, all in complete silence except for the soft sounds of their exploration.

Quiet Games for Older Kids

1. Tic Tac Toe: 

A classic game that only requires a piece of paper and a pair of scissors (for making the game pieces or play it on a board).

It’s a fun activity that can be played in complete silence, perfect for older children.

2. Silent Ball: 

A group game where the game leader throws a soft ball to someone in a large circle, and the rest of the class must remain in complete silence.

A bad throw or loud catch means you’re out. It teaches hand-eye coordination and self-control.

3. Oreo Cookie Face Race: 

Place an Oreo cookie on the forehead, and the first player to move it to their mouth without using hands wins.

It’s a silly game but requires concentration and is a great way for older kids to have fun quietly.

Quiet Games to Play with Friends

1. Telephone Game: 

Quiet games

Sit in a circle, and the first person whispers a message into the next person’s ear. The game repeats around the circle until the last person says the message out loud.

It’s a classic game that’s perfect for small groups and teaches listening skills.

2. Dead People:

 In this game, one person is the detective, and the rest of the students play dead. The detective leaves the room, and a ‘killer’ is chosen.

The killer winks at people to ‘kill’ them, and the detective has to guess who it is. It’s a great activity for quiet time with friends.

3. Quiet Animal Guessing: 

One person thinks of an animal, and the rest ask yes or no questions to guess it. It’s a fun game that encourages quiet questioning and thinking.

4 Build a Story:


This game starts with a single sentence written on a piece of paper by the first person.

The paper is then folded so only the last word can be seen, and passed to the next person who adds their own sentence.

This continues until everyone has contributed. Then, the paper is unfolded to reveal the often silly or unexpected story that was collaboratively created.

This game is a fantastic way for older kids to engage in creative writing and have a lot of laughs without making much noise.

5. Quiet Quests: 

Create a series of quiet quests around your home or classroom.

Each quest involves solving a riddle or puzzle that leads to the next clue.

For example, the first clue could lead them to a book on a shelf, inside which they’ll find the next clue tucked on a specific page, and so on.

The final clue leads to a small prize or the satisfaction of completing the quest.

It’s a great way for kids to engage in problem-solving and exploration in a quiet and respectful manner.

Quiet Games for Students

1. Silent Reading: 

Quiet games

Create a cozy corner with a selection of books for different reading levels. It’s a quiet activity that promotes literacy and a love for reading among students of all ages.

2. Sensory Bottles: 

Have the students make their sensory bottles using water, glitter, food coloring, and small items. It’s a quiet yet engaging craft activity that can also be used as a calming tool.

3. Quiet Classroom Games: 

Use interactive whiteboard games or educational apps for quiet, educational activities. These can be great for individual or group learning without raising the noise level.

Online Quiet Games

1. Puzzle Games: 

There are many online platforms offering puzzle games that challenge the mind without any noise. It’s a great way to engage kids of all ages in problem-solving.

2. Educational Game Sites: 

Websites like ABCmouse or Funbrain offer a range of quiet, educational games that cover everything from math to reading and science.

3. Virtual Board Games: 

Many classic board games have online versions that can be played quietly on tablets or computers, perfect for play dates or quiet time at home.

Fun Quiet Games to Play at a Sleepover

1. Cotton Ball Race: 

Quiet games

Each player gets a straw and races to move cotton balls from the starting line to the finish line using only the straw. It’s a fun and easy quiet game.

2. Whispered Stories: 

In the dark, take turns telling a part of a story, whispering so only the next person can hear. It’s a great way to build a story together quietly.

3. Stuffed Animal Hide and Seek: 

Hide a stuffed animal somewhere in the room, and the first team to find it wins. It’s a quiet game that adds a bit of excitement to sleepovers.

Incorporating these fun quiet games into your routine is a great way to ensure your kids have fun without the noise. Whether it’s through sensory play, classic table games, or educational activities, there’s

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